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About Tony Burse

Tony Burse is currently living in Hillside, New Jersey, working as an Entrepreneur and CEO in "Right Biz" and is interested in Home Based Biz, Marketing, Work from Home.
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Entrepreneur and CEO



Hillside, New Jersey

Categories of Interest

Home Based Biz, Marketing, Work from Home

My Interests

Interest: Spirituality,Personal Development,Family and most Sports.

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Tony Burse has joined on Aug 01, 2007


2799 Hermosa Drive  Decatur Ga. 30034  (404)806-0598

 Professional Skills. Baker over 20 years - Research and Development Over 20 years- Owned Commercial Cleaning Business 3 years- Home Based Business Owner 5 years.
 Extensive background: Over 20 years experience in the retail Baking Industry. I specialized in yeast products ie Breads , Rolls and Danishes. 20 years in Research and Development where I helped create and promote food products for a major food corporation. Operated and managed my own cleaning business as a Franchisee owner. Currently work from home on a full time basis as an independent contractor.
 Demonstrated success. With such a diverse background I have been able to thrive in different kinds of work and professional environment. I have been able to manage and support everything from Corporate America to owning and managing my own Commercial cleaning business. I currently represent a Personal Development company as an independent contractor.

 Diversity is my Strength
Working in a diverse society there can be a great need for someone that can relate to many different points of view. The ability to grow the company and keep morale upbeat and positive can be a real challenge. The skill to be able to do both can be a real asset for the company and the employee. Orientation & Personal Development and Personal Growth.


 Independent contractor for Touchstone Success Network.
 Self Development and Personal Growth. I represent a company that produces a monthly product that comes in the form of a CD. We offer one on one coaching as well as Business Coaching. We offer FREE nightly interactive training for anyone who is interested. We also have a Wealth plan for those who are interested and want to supplement or even replace their income.

UNILEVER R&D. 1990 - 2010
 Conduct projects and report results to the project leaders.
 Order and maintain lab safety as well as conduct small trials.
 Present results to higher level management.
 Attend company meeting for training and support.
 Conduct lab analysis and report results.
 Train other Lab and Technical personnel on equipment operation.
 Some Forklift driving.
 Order ingredients and maintain proper GMP.
 Conduct shipping and receiving of R&D related products.
 Travel to production plants on company related projects.
 Basic knowledge and operation of plant equipment.
 Worked on such brands as: Skippy Peanut Butter, Hellmans Mayonnaise, Bertolli Frozen, Wish Bone Salad Dressings and Good Humor Breyers

Supreme Bakery. 1978 1990.
 Bakers Assistance.
 I ordered and maintained the inventory for the bakery. This included support of the master Bakers by storing and keeping an inventory as some finishing work.
 Bakers Helper. Make simple doughs and conduct some operations of the ovens.
 Baker. Mixing simple to complex doughs from scratch as well as redi-mixes. Make sure that all the yeast made products were produced , baked and in the Bakery by 6:00am each day.
 Conduct an inventory to make sure we had enough raw materials as well as finished products.
 Produce such items as: Dinner Rolls, Hard Rolls, Specialty Breads , Muffins, Doughnuts, Fillings and other assorted breads and danishes.
 Conduct training of Bakers assistance to be able to produces fillings and mixes from scratch.
Independent Contractor, 2010 to 2012 Burse Global Ventures
As an Independent contractor I have promoted several businesses from home. I was able to create my own sales letter and grow a small and profitable business in a little over two years. I have helped train and mentor dozens of people who enjoy Personal Development and Personal Growth. I have created my own small company that I run out my home Burse Global Ventures. At Burse Global Ventures we focus on helping like-minded individuals who have found it necessary to work from home and to supplement their income. I have also managed a small commercial cleaning business. I was able hire and mange a small group of employees and maintain a profit for three years.
Key Results:
 Conduct workshops on Personal Development and Personal Growth
 Develop my own guide called Your Guide to Personal Growth and Development.
 I have done some Public Speaking and belong to our local Toastmasters.
 Encourage and inspire those with an open mind to find their niche in life.
 Owned and operated my own Commercial Cleaning Business for three years.
Completed some college course in Newark New Jersey at ECC Essex County College.
While working Corporate America I earned certification on proper food handling and attended workshops on Culinary training.
I am currently a Lifetime member Srathmores Whos Who.

Activities: Working at educating and informing as many people as possible about their real potential and self- worth.
Professional Development:
 Personal Development and Personal Growth can be a broad field. There are many Books and CD s on the subject. The best way to create Professional Development is to create ones own Personal Development.
 DSA- Direct Seller Association.
 Network Marketing Industry.

Quick Profile Summary

Tony Burse
Name: Tony Burse
Location: Hillside,New Jersey,United States
Job Title: Entrepreneur and CEO
Company: Right Biz

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