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Jeff Brown is currently living in San Diego, California, working as a CEP/General Partner in "B&B Technologies LP" and is interested in Financial Services.
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CEP/General Partner



San Diego, California

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Financial Services

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Jeff Brown has joined on Aug 23, 2010

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High-Tech Innovation for the Footwear Industry

Executive Summary

DAMPS I LP (the Company) is in a position to establish a commanding share
of the technology side of the footwear industry with its breakthrough
patented shock mitigation technology by licensing the technology to
footwear manufacturers. The Company\'s active propulsion/suspension system
is the first of its kind and brings with it all the benefits of an emerging
technology in a competitive growth industry.


The overall strategic plan is to obtain U.S. military contracts leading to
production for our Smart Boots, based on proven test results to date and
formalize our existing relationship with a major commercial boot
manufacturer for the production of a minimum of 250,000 pairs of footwear
during the first year.

Beginning concurrently then continuing over the next three years, we plan
to ramp up manufacturing to higher levels based on demonstrated demand. We
will also continue to develop ancillary suspension/propulsion and power
generation technologies.


The Company\'s patented suspension system dissipates normal motion shock to
the body by 68% and, with its suspension/propulsion capacity, actually adds
lift to a person\'s normal walking gait. The technology focuses on the prime
contact area (the heel), dampens and distributes normal motion shock in the
ball of the foot. Moreover, heel strike injury is the number one injury
seen by podiatrists. Our exclusive technology is ideal for both heel
protection and foot injury rehabilitation.


Our website averages thousands of viewers per month - evidence
that people are searching for footwear technology. The footwear industry
is looking for product innovation to boost stagnating sales. The
historical value of footwear technology is potent and undeniable.

Our marketing strategy is to build brand recognition at the military,
consumer and manufacturer levels. We believe consumers will recognize,
seek out and buy DAMPS enhanced footwear thereby continually improving our
ability to offer our technology to manufacturers.

We know of no manufacturer which has technology as advanced as the DAMPS
technology insert and outsoles - hence, we have the opportunity to market
directly to existing major shoemakers rather than attempt to compete with

We will brand our technology as the \"DAMPS Inside\" footwear - comparable to
the phrase \"Intel Inside\" for computers.

Our research has identified performance technology, for the military,
athleisure, boot and working shoe manufacturers as the most responsive to
cutting-edge technology.

The U.S. Marine Corp Systems Command as well as the US Army have provided
detailed program direction and participation for utilizing the technology
in military boots. USSOCOM (U.S. Special Operations Command) provided a $
75,000 contract for prototype demonstration of Soldier Enhanced Mobility
System (SEMS) Smart Boots, utilizing DAMPS technology and both branches
have expressed interest in DAMPS Power Generation technology.

Our consulting podiatrist has had conversations with the FDA regarding a
510(k) classification for shock mitigation in medical applications which as
approved with ongoing military and commercial testing feedback, would allow
us to promote designated health benefits of shock mitigation. These
ongoing health and productivity benefits will be further marketed to
workers compensation insurance carriers and industry employers everywhere.


Our footwear technology has received three patents, one utility, one design
with an additional improvement utility patented granted and a formulation
trade secret. Our DAMPS trademark and domain are included in
our intellectual property as well as the domains and

We have copy written the first use for DAMPS Technology Insert (DTI), the
DAMPS Heavy Duty Outsole, DAMPS Balls, SEMS (Soldier Enhanced Mobility
Systems), Smart Boot, and DAMPS Power Generation technology, along with
the tag lines \"The DAMPS One Step Difference\" and \"You\'ve Got to be Smarter
than Your Shoes.\"


Once contract manufacturing is in place, gross revenues are conservatively
expected to climb to $15 million in the first year after startup,
increasing to $60 million and $120 million the second and third years,
respectively. Positive operating cash flow is projected upon achieving
$1.3 million in gross revenues.


Our management team is comprised of:

CEO/Marketing & R&D - Jeff Brown, as founder and inventor is responsible
for formulating the Company\'s licensing and product development strategies
for DAMPS technologies.

An additional marketing position and or an agency may be utilized to assist
our ramp up.

Customer Service Manager - Randy Brown will use his customer service skills
and background to insure that the finest footwear technology is supported
by one-of-a-kind superior customer service.

Plant Superintendent - Art Federico, will use his manufacturing,
management and start up experience to set up facilities and take
responsibility for the production of the DAMPS technology inserts and

Operations Manager - Greg Hengesbaugh, an experienced manager will take
charge of administrative operations and assist marketing.

The Company, in conjunction with developing a quality technology product
and viable business strategy, has recently added the President of Boot
World to its advisory board, joining NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton and
other professionals with over one hundred years of combined footwear and
retail industry experience. Boot World has six retail stores locally and
one in Las Vegas. Boot World and the Company have agreed to offer these
stores as an initial test market for DAMPS-enhanced footwear.


The Company is now looking for $3,500,000 in debt or equity capital to
implement the above, retain administrative staff, complete footwear
component supply logistics and market, promote, and sell the new \"high-
tech\" footwear. The Company expects to reach positive net cash flow in the
8th month after receiving funding.

Funds will be used as follows:

$ 1,516,722 for molds & related equipment
648,794 for production costs including initial materials
through first shipment
224,375 for general, selling & admin expenses:
salaries, taxes, insurance, trade shows and professional
353,333 debt service including pay back original investors /
non-recourse loans
756,776 cash reserves
$ 3,500,000

Based on the financial projections included in our detailed business plan,
the Company expects to be able to be able to repay an initial loan of $ 3.5
million with 8% interest collateralizing the loan with a license
manufacturing contract. The resulting profitability would return a
multiple on investments for DAMPS I LP investors, over the life of the
intellectual property.


As an exit strategy, we anticipate that the impact of our active
propulsion/suspension system will make the company and/or the product
line(s) an attractive corporate acquisition within 2 to 3 years.
Market acceptance of this footwear technology has not been fully
established nor has the technology been extensively field tested.

Quick Profile Summary

Jeff Brown
Name: Jeff Brown
Location: San Diego,California,United States
Job Title: CEP/General Partner
Company: B&B Technologies LP

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