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About Mike Perretta

Mike Perretta is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, working as a Debt Specialist in "Consumer Advocate Group" and is interested in Financial Services.
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Debt Specialist



Las Vegas, Nevada

Categories of Interest

Financial Services

My Interests

My Interest and desire is to help as many people in the United States get out of Debt and be free from worries. Free up there cash flow and be happy.

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mike perretta has joined on Aug 18, 2010

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I have worked in my own Companies for over 10 yrs now in Mortgage,Hard money, Debt consolidation. I love to help others find there way out of hard times. there are laws that can and will help anyone who wants to lower there interest rates,pay off there debts in record time and not be broke in the process. I can help you.

I understand that times are hard for most of us.I live in a State that has the highest rate of Unemployment and 1 out of 3 homes are going back to the banks. I\'m in Las Vegas,NV. the place that once was full of life and others acame from everywhere to be here. The 24 hour town is dying and no one cares. I care!!!

You can thank your President and the local officals for you struggling now. I am a realest and don\'t see the people who run our Country doing anything good for us anytime soon. It\'s a fact that the US helps everyone else but our own. we are so far in debt there may not be a light for some of us at the end of the day.

I am here to make that \" Change\"

If you allow me to speak to you for 5 mins? I can help you reduce your debt,pay off your credit cards and live a bit better then what the goverment wants you to do.

I have served my Country Proudly and some things I don\'t agree with.

We need to take back what is our and we can by starting with what hurts us the most.

Most of us face hard times. If I can help you reduce your high monthly pay outs and make it easy on you? Will you call me? The call is no pressure to you.

If you know someone else who needs my service and you don\'t? I will give you $50.00 cash for everyone you send me who uses my service. This can help you pay your bills or keep your lights on or buy your food,Take care of your kids....

Send me your full name ,Area code & number. Let\'s talk today.

God bless you and yours.
God Bless America & All People!

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mike perretta
Name: Mike Perretta
Location: Las Vegas,Nevada,United States
Job Title: Debt Specialist
Company: Consumer Advocate Group

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