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About Christopher Perrella

Christopher Perrella is a COO and works at the company
Christopher Perrella is located in Lafayette, New Jersey and is interested in Advertising & Media.
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Lafayette, New Jersey
Advertising & Media
Helping small business owners find customers through low-cost, effective internet marketing.

Christopher Perrella has joined on Aug 16, 2010
Chief Operating Officer of I wanted to create a flexible, low-risk and very cost-effective way for local small businesses to market themselves on the internet.

The basic philosophy is simple: the average small business owner does not have the time, experience or inclination to create effective and comprehensive web marketing campaigns. If you own a small business you know you\'re busy running your business 24/7/365. That leaves zero time to spend doing what your competition - the chains, franchises and big corporations - are doing. levels the playing field by giving the small business owner a professional sales site complete with changeable coupon incentives, a link to their web site, monthly email marketing, search engine advertising, social media marketing and more. We handle it all so you can focus on running your business. The most motivated, affluent and informed buyers use the internet to shop, compare values and find the products and services they\'re looking for. goNJcouppons helps them find you - not your competition.
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Name: Christopher Perrella
Location: Lafayette,New Jersey,United States
Job Title: COO

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Barbra Williams
The Next Vision Corporation
President & Co-Founder

Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to stop by my Profile for a visit! I had a difficult time deciding what to share so I am just going to start with a little something about me ... after all that is why your here right? I'm like most people - always trying to improve my situation ... you know ... my finances, my relationships, my life in general. I am an Entrepreneur at heart and have tried many business same as most Entrepreneurs do. You name it ... I've tried it! You may think I'm crazy for telling you this, but I even started asking people who had money how they became successful. If I saw someone driving a fancy car I had to know what they did for a living and ever since I could drive I've been driving by the big houses and going to the car dealerships so I could see and touch the cars. I've watched the late night infomercials and read and listened to every book or audio about success that I could get my hands on and this is what I learned that seemed to be the most important: First I found that there are 3 questions that everyone should ask themselves at some point in their life and they are: 1.Are you living each day as the person you'd hoped to become? 2.Are you happy with yourself inside and out? 3.Do you have as much money as you need and want? I hope that everyone has the opportunity in life to answer yes to each of these. Next I found that there were things that won't benefit me or those around me and they are: 1.Don't be afraid to take risk - if you are too afraid of taking risks you'll never succeed. To get to second base you'll have to take your foot off of first base. 2.Don't be afraid to believe in yourself - You are your best bet! No one has a stake in your life bigger than you! 3.Don't fall prey to pressure from family, friends, etc. - If they are not living the life that you would like to be living then you can't take advice from them because they don't know how to get there. 4.Don't let others tear you down - People may laugh, even those who are supposed to care, but simply understand that they get uncomfortable when they see others try to advance their lives while they continue to stand on the sidelines. 5. Don't limit yourself to the physical world - In order to become successful you will have to learn how to live in the physical and non-physical world. Your mind is extremely powerful, your thoughts form and create your life ... understanding this is powerful. 6. Don't wait - Get in the game with whatever you have right now and learn to play offense ... score some points! Everyone knows that there is no game that you can win on defense alone, so play to win! Well I hope that at least a few of things may inspire at least some who have visited and for those with like minds I would like to personally invite you to stop by and visit me at and leave me your email so I can keep in touch!

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Christopher Perrella
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