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About Brianna Ray

Brianna Ray is currently living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, working as a Babysitter and is interested in Services.
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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I'm interested in: babysitting, writing, going to school, living life, singing, having fun.

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Brianna Ray has joined on Aug 16, 2010

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My name is Brianna, and I am fourteen. Most people spend their time trying to convince you how sure of themselves they are, and how desperately you need to believe them, when they say they\'re different from anyone else. Well, I\'m not so sure if I\'ll do that or not, I\'m just going to tell you about myself. I\'ve always liked to write, but my interest in it has been increasingly developed over the last two or three years. I personally, never thought I was going to be that good at it, but it turns out, I had a bit of a talent. I used to write all the time, but over the last year, most of the writing that I get done, is in my head normally. Nothing ever gets put down on paper anymore, but occasionally it gets put in my computer.. But then, forgotten about, or erased. But I feel like writing again, more and more. I like singing, a lot. Most girls do, though. But I find myself to have a good voice. So do many others, it\'s not all like completely amazing or anything, but it\'s loud. I usually wait until late at night, when I\'m home alone, and just sort of belt it. That\'s how I get most of my poems, I just sing whatever comes to mind, and then it would get written down, and I\'d add more to whatever I had written. I like photography, to a certain extent. All that means is that I like the idea of it, more than I do the actual action of it. Though I do like taking pictures, but mainly of faces. When I think of where I want to be in 10 or 20 years, it\'s someplace, making a lot of money. I\'ve always wanted to be an Actress, or a director. Mainly in horror films. I have weird dreams, that always end up being music videos, or hour long movie scenes, without any sound to them. Like I come up with the ideas for someone else, to bring to life, or for myself, to bring to life at a later date. It\'s odd. I have a natural human craving, for fame. I have odd desires in life. I really want to save someone\'s life one day, without it having anything to do with Medical reasons. I want to be able to convince someone that suicide isn\'t the answer, or just make somebody see that life is worth living. I have a common fear of the year 2012. It may seem stupid, but it just doesn\'t settle right with me. I believe in God, to the strongest extent, and I hate to believe that he\'d end our lives, before they really ever even get started, but it seems possible. I love people, but at the same time, I could live without them. I like to be alone, most of the time. I\'m normally in the dark. That\'s not a very good thing, I spent the last two years of my life, depressed. Nothing could make me happy, but somehow that\'s changed. Majorly. I\'m changing. Majorly. And I\'m proud of myself, in so many ways. The things I\'ve done, compared to the things I could have done, I agree with where I am at. And I honestly would not change who I am, for anything in the world.

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Brianna Ray
Name: Brianna Ray
Location: Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,United States
Job Title: Babysitter

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Brianna Ray
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