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About S.k. Paul

S.k. Paul is currently living in Hyderabad, Connecticut, working as a Kukatpally Spoken English & Soft Skills in "3sconsultant" and is interested in Chemicals, Communications, Consulting, Education, Environmental Services, Presentations.
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Job Title

Kukatpally Spoken English & Soft Skills



Hyderabad, Connecticut

Categories of Interest

Chemicals, Communications, Consulting, Education, Environmental Services, Presentations

My Interests

Teaching,Training & Consultancy

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S.K. paul has joined on Aug 04, 2010

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Major Achievements:
1.Suggested a suitable raw material for the manufacture of Rayon grade pulp-
Ballarpur Industries Ltd - Unit: A.P.Rayons, Kamalapuram (A.P)
2.1. Installed and commissioned the waste water treatment plant for 100%
reuse of water
2. 2. Responsible for getting registration from M/s Coca Cola International
for supply of aerated bottles in India.
2.3.Given technical assistance to breweries in using beer bottles -M/s
Hindustan Sanitaryware and Industries Ltd (Glass Division), Hyderabad (A.P)
3.Suggested a chemical for improvement of the clarity of Barium Sulfide
solution, reduction of iron and water insoluble content during the
manufacture of barium carbonate and Sodium sulfide resulting in an
improvement in quality and productivity-M/s Kores India Ltd, Cuddapah (A.P)
4.Associated with M/s Andersen Consulting during the project \'Strategic
Cost Reduction in Century Rayon for Business Excellence\' during the year
1999-M/s Century Rayon, Shahad (Maharashtra)
Field Specialization: Process & Quality Control, Analytical Laboratory,
Pilot Plants, Water & Waste Water Treatment, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001
and Total Quality Management.
Educational Qualifications: M. Sc - Analytical Chemistry (70% Marks)
Special Training:
a) Certificate course on Water & Waste Water Analysis conducted by NEERI,
b) Certificate course for Internal Auditor - ISO 9001,ISO 14001 & OHSAS
Diploma Courses:
Total Quality Management-ISO 9000
Environmental Management & ISO 14000 /14001
Hotel and Catering Management.
Current Activity: Working as consultant on behalf of my own company,
Recent Job:
Worked as Senior Manager-Process & Quality Control with M/s Century Rayon
(B.K.Birla Group of Companies) during the period 27 August 1997 to 16th
June 2007 in the Rayon Process & Quality Control department comprising of
Chemical Laboratory, Textile Laboratory, Glass Blowing Section, Air & Water
Pollution Control sampling & testing, and Viscose pilot plant.
Job Responsibilities:
1) Monitoring the quality of incoming materials, intermediate products
and the final product of Viscose Filament Yarn
2) On-line process and quality control testing and timely feed back to
process departments for necessary process changes to maintain the
quality of intermediate and final product
3) Customer Support Service and Vendor Quality assessment.
4) Conducted trials in the viscose pilot plant for improvements in the
5) Worked as Document Controller & Internal Auditor for ISO- 9001, ISO
6) Worked as Facilitator, Leader and Member of TQM projects and
successfully completed and implemented projects and departmental goals
in Rayon Plant.
7) Coordinated with the activities of ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001
8) Collection and testing of effluents and stack samples including
ambient air monitoring and submitting the test reports to MPCB
9) Worked as an internal faculty for imparting training.

Date of Birth: 14.08.1948

Previous Experience:
|From |To |Name of the Company |Designation |
|18.7.1996 |11.8.1997|Kores India Ltd, Cudapah, A.P |Chief Chemist |
|18.9.1991 |23.5.1995|Hindustan Sanitaryware & Industries |Manager-QCD |
| | |Ltd, Glass Division, Hyderabad, A.P | |
|06.2.1980 |29.1.1991|A.P.Rayons, Kamalapuram, A.P |Dy.Manager -Process|
| | | |& Quality Control |
|16.10.1970|02.2.1980|A.P.Paper Mills Ltd, Rajahmundry, |Research Chemist |
| | |A.P | |

Previous Job Responsibilities:
Kores India Ltd:
Systematization of sampling, inspection and testing of Barites, Soda Ash,
husk, lecofine, coal, Barium Carbonate and Sodium Sulfide; Reverse
osmosis Plant for boiler feed water treatment including softening.
Hindustan Sanitary Ware & Industries Ltd:
Total quality of inputs and final product; designing the quality systems
for inspection of bottles for pharmaceuticals, food products,
distilleries and aerated water; inspection and testing of sand and lime
stone, corrugated board & gum tape; testing of bottles for visual,
physical, optical and chemical properties.
Set up the process control laboratory including the recruitment and
training of chemists in testing methods of rayon / paper grade pulp;
research studies on parameters like brightness, acid insolubles, calcium
and iron contents of rayon grade pulp; handled the water treatment plant
of 7 mgd capacity; worked in the effluent treatment plant comprising of
primary clarifier, secondary clarifier, aerobic and anaerobic lagoons to
treat the high BOD prehydrolysate liquor as well as the combined waste of
low BOD; worked in pulp and viscose pilot plants.
A.P.Paper Mills Ltd:
Process and Quality Control testing of paper at different stages of
manufacture; testing of fibrous and non- fibrous raw materials; periodical
inspection of paper for all important strength properties, analysis of
water and effluents for parameters like pH, alkalinity, hardness,
chlorides, silica, and iron including BOD & COD.
Collection of Godavari river water at regular intervals at different
locations of the river for a stretch of 10 kms downstream from effluent
discharge point and sending the test report to A.P.Pollution Control Board.
Sampling and testing of stack gases for all critical parameters.
Instruments handled:
Spectrophotometer, flame photometer, potentiometer, pH meter, conductivity
meter, ramp pressure tester, autoclave, pulp & paper testing instruments,
bomb calorimeter, carbon & sulfur determination apparatus, Orsat gas
analyzer, digital balance, BOD incubator, turbid meter, video microscope,
textile testing instruments, corrugated box testing instruments,
computerized particle size analyzer & color matching system

Workshops attended:
Man management, statistical approaches to sampling, inspection and testing,
ISO 9000 / IS-14000 Documentation, statistical process control for ISO
9000, Total Quality Management, advanced statistical tools, training of TQM
facilitators, basics of computer & Implementation of 5 \'S \'Japanese
Techniques, awareness, implementation & internal auditor training for ISO
14001 & OHSAS 18001
Computer Literacy:
Conversant with Microsoft Word, Excel & Power Point

Quick Profile Summary

S.K. paul
Name: S.K. Paul
Location: Hyderabad,Connecticut,India
Job Title: Kukatpally Spoken English & Soft Skills
Company: 3sconsultant

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