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Sarah Campbell is currently living in Colorado, working as a Home Based Working Moms in "" and is interested in For the Home, Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz.
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Home Based Working Moms




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For the Home, Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz

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Sarah\'s story:
I live in Colorado with the man of my dreams and our two daughters. I love to work with my girls, to show them things and watch them learn. I have dreamed of a way to be able to be with them most of the time while still contributing to our family\'s income.
I had spent countless hours looking for the right fit. I came across one \"get rich quick\" scheme after another. I was warned endlessly by my mother, \"stay away from those multi-level marketing companies.\" When I found Internet CEO Moms, I explored the website with a very critical eye. I requested information since I couldn\'t see any red flags like so many other websites. When I received a phone call the next day, I was pleasantly surprised. All of my questions were answered and I was encouraged to ask more. I never once felt pressured and was eager to join a team of friendly, outgoing, successful people with the same values as me... spending time with family in the safest environment possible! This team has been enhancing my leadership skills, providing support and training, and the only thing I\'ve had to invest was my own time and energy. And, even that I get back in the building of my own business!
Becoming a part of this team has added value to the time I am spending home with my girls and I am excited about the prospect of never having to \"go back to work.\" I wish I had found this team years ago.

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Sarah Campbell
Name: Sarah Campbell
Location: Colorado,United States
Job Title: Home Based Working Moms

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Sarah Campbell
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