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Robert Bufkin is currently living in Jonesboro, Arkansas, working as a Founder/Director in "'fishers of men' Church-Kenya" and is interested in Med. DevicesPharma, Non-profit/Association.
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Jonesboro, Arkansas

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Med. DevicesPharma, Non-profit/Association

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Tell the world about Jesus Christ...the Real Bible Jesus who saved from sin and breaks the works of satan and sickness and habits and evil and fills with the Holy Ghost and fire.

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Robert Bufkin has joined on Jul 26, 2010

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After losing two of my dear loved ones to cancer, a wife and daughter
within 17 months of each other, I wept every day for four and a half
months. Then I discovered that nothing ever comes into a persons life
until it first passes right through the love of God. I fasted and prayed
in a mountain cabin, from August 31, 1989 until October 13, 1989 for the
gift of healing. During the last week of that fast, I could lie on my
bunk for days at a time and not move. Then on the 41st day of that fast,
Jesus Christ appeared to me standing at the end of my bunk. The Glory
that surrounded his person blotted out the entire universe. The light
that came from his being was not the kind that hurts your eyes. He just
looked at me at first. Then suddenly I knew something had happened.
Jesus had taken away the fear of cancer and aids. I knew that it had
happened. Then the Lord spoke and said. Son you cant come against a
devil you are afraid of.

Next Jesus spoke to me very slowly and said, Do not pray for the sick.
Then he repeated that same statement once again. I assumed that he
repeated it because he knew what a shock it was to me.
Next the Lord said, I never prayed for the sick The four Gospels went
through my mind like a flash and I realized this great truth had been
there all the time, but I had never realized it. Then the Lord spoke
again and said,

The Gift of Healing doesnt work by prayer but by binding and
commanding. Once again I realized that my request was to receive the
Gift of Healing not just power in prayer. I had taken my loved ones
everywhere to all healing ministries. Whole churches had prayed around
the clock and even fasted, with each member taking a day or two to fast.
But nothing happened. People are healed regularly through prayer and
calling on the name of the Lord. But the Gift of Healing is far above
the power of prayer alone as Jesus also taught. [See my Book: Lord
Increase our Faith, where Jesus teaches that commanding power is an
increase over praying power. Mark 11:12-23]

But then the Lord spoke again and said; First call the demon spirit
by name, then bind it using the name Jesus Christ and command it to
come out and it will go. That is how the Gift of Healing works.

Then the Lord told me that people dont really know what the phrase
means, Jesus died for my sins. And the Lord instructed me that when I
minister to people with cancer that I was to give them the WORD of GOD
about two things: First the Cross and then the Whipping Jesus took. He
opened my understanding to both Old and New Testament scriptures on
those two subjects and how to explain them to His sheep and also the

Then he told me that one of the main reasons many Christians dont get
their healing is because they forget that they must keep repenting of
their sins [I John 1:7,9] [has anyone in the flesh obtained sinless
perfection yet] and also forgive all their enemies. Count the times
Jesus dealt with forgiving your enemies in the four Gospels; begin with
the Lords prayer in his first sermon. He also told me to have people
repeat a statement of faith which includes repenting of all sin, and
forgiving all enemies; because most churches are no longer teaching
Biblical truth about repentance, the Cross or the Whipping Jesus took.

Also, the Lord told me that people must confess with their mouth that
they bind the demon of cancer and withdraw permission for it to work in
their bodies and command it to come out in Jesus Name. Then they must
plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over their spirit, soul and body. And
then tell the devil that he cant cross the Blood of Jesus Christ to
ever come back. Next, I lay hands on the person and call the devils by
name, bind them using the name Jesus Christ and command them to come out
and they come out every time.

Next the Lord told me that when I call the cancer or other devils out,
call the Holy Ghost in like Acts 19:1-6 and Acts 9:17 and Acts 8:14-17;
by saying, Receive the Holy Ghost. In most cases the people receive
the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and speak in unknown tongues. I then
baptize them by total immersion in the name of Jesus Christ like in:
Acts 2:37-42; Acts 8:16; Acts 22:16; Acts 10:43-47; Acts 19:1-7; Luke
24:46,47,48; Col. 3:17.

Next the Lord told me, that America doesnt know who Jehovah God is any
more. He told me to go out in the Spirit of Elijah and say to this
Jesus commissioned me as an Apostle to judge doctrine and to establish
churches in impossible communities of paganism and unbelief and even
witchcraft. He set me over churches and pastors to help them and teach
them and correct doctrine and practice. However, virtually all the
churches and pastors of America already know everything and will not
take instruction even when they see miracles before their eyes. They
refuse to preach the Gospel.

The Lord also seemed to burn the Bible on my brain. That is how it felt.
Portions of scripture appear in my mind when I need them. The Lord also
opened my mind to understand that the word gift in 1 Corinthians 12:
7-11 doesnt mean gift at all, it means: a bight light indicating the
presence of deity; it means Jesus himself possessing and working through
the human vessel for the purpose of continuing his beautiful ministry on
earth among lost and hurting humanity. Like Jesus I say, the son (thats
me) can do nothing of himself. My father gives me the words I speak. My
father does the miracles. Jesus is the Eternal Father of Isaiah 9:6, for
he created all things, John 1:1-14 and saves the lost. Jesus is not
dead, he is alive forevermore.

To say I felt out of this world, when Jesus appeared to me, means there
are no words to describe the sensations of weightlessness and power and
beauty and love and glory and even invincibility and immortality that I
experienced in that cabin. His presence lasted for 48 straight hours.
But the time seemed to be only a few minutes. Jesus also healed the
terrible depths of depression and sorrow that had engulfed me. The next
day when I left the cabin, I had to buy a newspaper to check the date
for I couldnt believe the Lords presence lasted two full days. It took
over six weeks to recover from the effects of that 43-day fast.

Since that day in 1989, I have been around the world with this Gift. It
is too much for religiously staid America to believe that entire
hospitals have been emptied and entire AIDS wards have been emptied as
well as cancer wards through this Gift. Or that AIDS devils are much
easier than cancer devils to deal with-because of the will of the their
victims. The Hospital administrator of the Meru General Hospital in
Meru, Kenya put it in writing: Three weeks after Rev. Bufkin came to our
hospital and laid hands on the patients, our hospital is 80% empty. We
are dismissing patients daily in groups. Dr. Joseph Mathee still works
there in Meru. Call him for verification.

Now, lets do that again. Get an aids ward in any nation on earth open to
this ministry and lets go empty it out. If I cast out devils in the name
of Jesus Christ then the Kingdom of God is come nigh to you. Better
still, ask anyone in your area with cancer, epilepsy, demon possession
of insanity, AIDS, MS etc. if they will give faith in the Lord Jesus
Christ a try. I will come and minister to them in Jesus Name. In the US,
no hospital will allow you to enter or minister to AIDS victims. Before
the white man arrived in North America, the Indians worshipped the earth
and believed a homosexual man was supernaturally endowed. Now the white
man has adopted the Indians paganism.

Yes, I saw Jesus Christ in person face to face. I saw him and heard his
voice for two days. He spoke slowly and then he healed the deep wound of
sorrow and remorse that had overcome me. Glory! Sorrow is a wound.
Sorrow is a deep wound, but sorrow is a clean wound and will heal up
nicely as long as no grit gets in there. Grit like bitterness and
blame and regret and etc. etc. Jesus heals heart wounds! Isnt that a
wonderful Jesus? Dont you love a Jesus like that? Isnt Jesus worth
everything you are and everything you own? Then give it all to him and
serve him with all your heart. Begin by going to the Bible only and
obeying all his words. Forsake all other gods and religions.

BUT Miracles happen in my ministry, hospitals and aids wards are

Jesus said many times, I will never leave you nor forsake you. And again
he said, I will be with you always, even to the end of the age. Jesus
is not dead, he has never left us, and Jesus has never changed. Jesus
speaks and guides and adds to the church still today by the Baptism of
the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking in other tongues like Peter and
Paul and the 120 did and all churches Jesus started did. Read Acts and
see for yourself.

I have put the two truths that Jesus taught me and the entire ministry
of the Gift of Healing on a CD and in several books which have been
distributed free of charge to many nations of the world. Multitudes have
been healed of cancer and AIDS and every disease known to mankind. The
dead have been raised [eye witness testimony upon request] and cancer
and aids and all known diseases have been healed instantly without the
use of medicine, drugs or surgery. Jesus said, My words are spirit and
they are life. If you hide the words of Jesus in your heart, his Words,
as seeds, will give off their light and life power into your being and
you will never get sick. In the Bible Jesus promised healing but also
that if you live for the Lord Jesus and obey his words, then he will
take sickness away from you. That means that you wont get sick. That
is much better than getting healed after you get sick. GLORY!

Like that rich lady said I have heard about HIM over and over by the
yard and by the milebut now that I see himOH! The half has never yet
been told. So if you ever see Jesus as he really is you will never be
the same again. For when you see HIM, you shall be like him. 1 John 3:2.
That is my prayer for you.

If you need a miracle, or know of those who do, or you want a
Deliverance and Healing ministry in your community for the Glory of
God.get in touch immediately. Just send me a round trip airline ticket.
Recently I spoke to three preachers in three different states and
ministered to them. Also to three other people who needed prayer and
ministry. One needed deliverance from a suicide spirit. They are still
alive and kickingGLORY!
HERE IS THE CD: go there and listen until you learn faith then call me and I will minister the Gift of Healing commands and you will be healed.
870 972 1039 or 980-328-4144
Robert L.Bufkin, PO Box 17382; Jonesboro AR 72403

Better hurry the shadows of ARMAGEDDON are closing around us. The
nations of the world are moving into the political alliances and the
world-class religions are uniting exactly as Jesus said they would just
before he returns to take his church to be with him. Protestantism is
dead. American religion is dying and passing away. The thunderclouds are
already gathered, the lightening is flashing that ole gangplank is
creaking as the Lord Jesus is tightening the ropes for the final pull.
You have only today to be saved from your sins. Call me; I will help
you find your way to TRUE genuine salvation in Jesus Christ.

IN my next epistle to the Body of Christ on earth - I will quote Bible
prophecy verses that apply directly to the United States of America. It
will help you understand why the USA is not listed by name in the Bible.

My Books are available by email attachment.I hear from and correspond
with Kenya and other places on earth daily. If you want any book send
your request along with $12.95, per book for postage. The POPE in Rome,
Italy has received many copies of my book on, Mary, sent by Catholics in
Canada. He is about to receive my book on, Peter, the Vanishing Apostle,
shortly. Praying for you in Jesus Name.

Think about this:

Faith is an affirmation-
And an act
That bids eternal truth-
Be fact

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Robert Bufkin
Name: Robert Bufkin
Location: Jonesboro,Arkansas,United States
Job Title: Founder/Director
Company: 'fishers of men' Church-Kenya

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