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Carolyn Schneider is currently living in Georgia, works in "" and is interested in Marketing.
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Resume, the sales training venture created by Dave
Evans and Brandon Hardison is revolutionizing training in businesses
worldwide. It utilizes their vast sales training experience and expert
knowledge in an online forum through Dave
explains that there is a big disconnect between business owners and
clients. \"It\'s much more than just finding a need and filling it, the
customer wants to buy and they don\'t want to be sold. They want a reason to
buy and they need a reason to buy from you\".
Dave began his career not with a government loan, not by inheriting a
family company or family fortune, and not by landing a great job right
after college like we are all trained to do. He started on his own at the
young age of 7 with his own distributorship of Grit Newspaper and during a
time in the late 1970s when our economy was tanking. Anyone that knows Dave
will tell you that he doesn\'t participate in recessions. A \"down economy\"
to him translates to \"prime opportunity.\" And that\'s exactly how he thinks.
When not running his paper route, he was working at one of his dad\'s
convenient stores there in Houston, Texas, where his family lived. He would
clean the lots, stock shelves, and attend meetings with his dad. By the age
of 12 he graduated from Grit to the Daily Tribune, the number one news
source for Bay City, Texas. By age 16 he was managing his dad\'s convenience
stores and learning about serving customers and a good work ethic. He would
work every weekend, holiday, and even Spring Break.
After attending the University of Houston, Dave served our country in the
Navy before managing a furniture store franchise. It was here that Dave
served a client that would in turn serve him. This client was a car
dealership\'s sales manager. Dave convinced him to fill his home with new
furniture. He was so impressed with Dave that he recruited him to sell cars
for him, which he continued to do for another twenty years. Most of this
time he worked as a sales manager, equipping and training successful sales
people in the art of \"selling by serving.\" Dave has developed quite a
reputation for results as he\'s trained thousands of sales people to develop
their own success story. When Dave trained professionals for Volvo, he made
their business #1 for the first time in 27 years. With Mazda, he grew sales
54% over the same time the prior year.
In 2005, Dave bought a $2800 package for car sales professionals that
included 12 CDs and 6 DVDs and taught sales techniques. \"It was too hard
core. It had good material, but it created hostility. This is when I knew
there was a need for affordable and quality sales training.\" So, in taking
his skills and his calling to the next level, Dave joined forces with
Brandon Hardison, who has quite an impressive reputation of his own with 30
years of sales training experience. Together they launched Dave and Brandon teach that a company goes
under because of a lack of revenue, not a lack of product. \"We have to
redefine the sales culture of organizations. In turn, the industry will be
redefined in the process. It is for this reason that we provide top quality
training that\'s affordable. We do speaking engagements, provide seminars
and online materials, and train individuals how to cultivate and develop
his or her own success story.
Brandon Hardison is one of the most sought after executive coaches,
sales trainers, and motivational speakers in the industry. Over the past 30
years, Brandon has trained thousands of sales consultants across the
country. He is one of the nation\'s foremost authorities on NLP (Neuro
Linguistic Programming) and how it relates to the sales process.
Brandon began training as a result of watching business owners lose
hundreds of thousands of dollars each month in lost sales and wasted
advertising dollars due to lack of proper training. He saw that business
owners could no longer afford to cater to incompetence. He knew it was time
to stop talking about the problem and began to take action to correct it.
Training begins with education. When you are taught how, you develop the
necessary skills. You become more productive, and you do a more effective
Brandon recognizes that today the industry is at the peak of saturation.
The demands on sales consultants and management are greater than ever
before. We continue to hire and train sales consultants primarily to wait
on something to happen. We provide them little or no professional sales
training, and we expect them to do more than is actually possible. Their
lack of confidence is directly related to a lack of training. Without
properly trained sales consultants, and well informed business owners,
productivity suffers.
Sales training is no longer an option, it is absolutely essential, and it
must be ongoing. Billions of dollars in potential profits and commissions
are lost each year because sales consultants and business owners have
little training and no game plan. With this in mind, Brandon has developed
a series of workshops designed to get your consultants, managers, and
business in a highly profitable mode for long-term results.
Combining his front line experience with what he has learned from the
nation\'s top Sales Masters, Brandon cutting-edge seminars, workshops and
at-Business location programs provide sales consultants, managers and
entrepreneurs with knowledge, strategies and tools that continue to create
profitable, long-term results. Now, more than ever before, it can finally
be said that sales consultants are made, not born!
The good news about the sales business is: \"Your raise becomes effective
immediately... the minute you do\"

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Carolyn Schneider
Name: Carolyn Schneider
Location: Georgia,United States

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