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Wayne Smith is currently living in Quebec, working as a K911 Pet Ambulance in "K911 Pet Ambulance" and is interested in Services.
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About Us:
It was the summer of 2007 when I was walking my own dog named Timba down by the St Laurent River where I played fetch with him. He was a Lab-Golden retriever mix. 7 yrs old and just he was a great family dog.
This one time while paying fetch, Timba came out of the water holding his paw up in the air and still holding on to his toy... I then noticed his paw and leg were bleeding and saw the cut from his leg to his paw. I immediately took off my t-shirt and wrapped it around his leg and paw to try and stop the bleeding. I was concerned seeing that I was about a kilometer from my home, and I remembered I had my cell on me so I called a taxi immediately and then I carried Timba in my arms to Boul. LaSalle.. When the taxi driver saw the blood though the t-shirt on Timbas leg, he refused to help us and drove off. I called a family member who came and we took him to the emergency veterinary facility where they treated him. He ended up having 8 stitches.
Update on Timba:
We are very sad to say that Timba passed away on April 1st 2009. I strongly believe Timba came into my life for a reason and that was to create K911 Emergency Pet Transport. We miss him so much and not a day goes by where I dont see another lab and it makes me think of Timba. I am saddened by his loss and miss him so much, but he will always remain in my heart and his spirit lives on through K911.
Rodney Mclean:
Born and raised in Montreal, Qc his love for animals started when he was a child. He would find baby rabbits, squirrels, & birds and would take great pride in bringing them home and raise them until they were old enough then he would release them in the very place he found them. Today he is well known in his community as a caring, compassionate person towards all living things. He worked for a veterinary clinic for 6 years as a technician thus bringing with him today the experience and knowledge in helping injured animals. Also certified in Pet First Aid, Rodney Mclean is a caring, compassionate individual and you know your pet is in great hands here at K911.
Wayne Smith:
Born and raised in a small village in NL where he tended to raising farm animals. From baby piglets to horses, his love & respect for animals has deemed him a person that will go to any length to ensure the well being and safety for all animals. He moved to Quebec City in 1989 where he studied French and loved the French culture as well. He finally decided to move to Montreal in 1996 where he was transferred from his previous job as a warehouse manager. Today he loves the diversity and culture of Montreal and he now calls Montreal his home. Certified in pet First Aid, you can count on Wayne to help your pet in any situation possible. Compassionate, caring & professional are the words that best describes him.

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Wayne Smith
Name: Wayne Smith
Location: Quebec,Canada
Job Title: K911 Pet Ambulance
Company: K911 Pet Ambulance

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