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Joseph French is currently living in Virginia, works in "The Global Information Network" and is interested in Affiliate Program, Home Based Biz, Work from Home.
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Affiliate Program, Home Based Biz, Work from Home

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My name is Joseph and I have joined Sales Spider to find people interested in joining a foundation called The Global Information Network (GIN). It is a foundation of individuals dedicated to helping eachother achieve their dreams, goals and desires in life. This foundation is one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else. Joining the foundation is by invitation only and I would like to extend this post as an invitation to everyone who reads it to join. I am a Visionary Member of GIN and I joined just before it officially launched November 1st, 2009. I am the #1 person in the DC area for promoting GIN and have partnered up with many successful individuals who have the same dedication. I am working hard to find the best of the best, who are \"go-getters\"... and the ones who will make their affiliate network fly! GIN isn\'t a fly by night - get rich quick scheme. Most individuals in GIN have a 2-5 year outlook plan which is the correct mindset with any new opportunity. But those who work really hard such as myself and the ones I\'ve partnered up with can make this success happen even sooner... and those are the ones I seek here at this meetup group.

The foundation is hosting many Open Opportunity Meetings all around the states in the next up coming months and next year. They also have Open Opportunity Calls which have just began and the calls are free to listen in on. The next call will be on the 21st of July. The meetings and calls provide an overview of what and who GIN is and the purpose of why GIN was created. You can also find GIN groups on Facebook and Twitter. GIN is brand new and those who get in in the beginning stages create the most success as not many people know about this opportunity.

The next step for me in my success is to get those interested in learning more about GIN to attend a meeting that is being held at the Marriott Hotel at Dulles International Airport on the 26th of this month. The meeting will be held by Members of GIN who will describe the in depth knowledge that new GIN Members enjoy that will create any level of success they desire. So far, the top leading person in GIN last month made over $400,000. Of course this is a rare case, but you can see the potential.

- There are two parts to GIN:

One being the actual Membership part - Members enjoy access to all of the GIN functions, meetings, seminars. They have the access to the books and audios.. they get to build relationships with others who will listen to ideas and business proposals first and give honest, in depth opinions where some will invest money and capital into your business. GIN mainly teaches it\'s Members how the brain works, the mind works... how this world works and how this universe works, and how we can use this knowledge to our advantage in every thing we do (beyond the law of attraction if some of you are familiar it). In addition, many Members of GIN are people who the general population do not have access to as regular isolated individuals, such as access to multi-millionaire/billionaires, world renowned MD\'s who have a disease cure rates of 92+%, business tycoons and so forth. As a member you get to meet these incredibly successful people. GIN Members are also introduced to, and tap into a system that when applied has 100% success rate every time. Membership has already spanned to 110 countries world-wide. There are 12 levels of Membership. Each level there is an increase of knowledge that is revealed to members to help them achieve whatever desires they want in their life. I\'m not allowed to say too much, but I can say at a certain level there is a $1,000,000 bonus. Since GIN is brand new, only the first 4 levels are open to Members, but by the end of this year the majority of the levels should be open for qualification. By the way, All GIN meetings around the world are free to attend for Members.

The second part of Membership is the affiliate networking part. This is where you can make massive amounts of money right from the start by inviting others to join. It is commissioned based on the percentage of the Membership initiation fee and monthly dues of the person you get to join. This month GIN has a promotional opportunity for those who join... they are giving each person $10,000 at the end of 24 months for those who join as a Member, even if you quit after the 24 months. In addition to that, GIN will give those who join another $2000 for each person they get to join in this month. It\'s a sales drive to give everyone a risk free Membership try out for 2 years. To listen to the promotion:Summer Sales Bonanza!

These two components are what every wealthy person engage in... which again, are the relationships and recognition with other wealthy people, and two.. an opportunity to have a virtual money making printing press of their own. This is what GIN brings to the table and it is the only association in the world like this that is open to the public. The GIN opportunity has been called \"An Opportunity Of A Lifetime.\" because there is nothing like it in the world. Just to give a little insight, I am a level 3 Member and there is a 3 day - Level 2/3 training meeting taking place in Germany at the end of this month. For those who are not GIN Members, they would have to pay anywhere between $50,000-$100,000 just to attend the 3 day meeting. But for those who are GIN Members, it\'s free to attend and soak up the knowledge. One major key point to describe is that GIN makes sure you keep moving up in levels at your own pace, but they really focus on the Members achieving the things they want in life. They make sure you don\'t get into the mode of a \"professional seminar attendee\". You will advance through the knowledge and networking abilities of GIN, because once you join... you are part of the elite, and the best part is you can choose to stop at any point at which you feel fulfilled. There are no requirements to keep advancing through levels, but most do because of the knowledge received.

To close up, I again would like to invite you reading to this amazing organization...One that can virtually guarantee success. This is an amazing opportunity for many who seek more out of life. The GIN creed is that all people in the world can have, be or do anything and everything they want in life. The only thing that stops that from becoming a reality is the thought process and belief system of the individual person. I hope I\'ve come to the right place to seek those who are really motivated to have, be and do more in life.

For more information on The Global Information Network (GIN) you can go to:

I am available on Facebook. For those who seek immediate information on GIN, upcoming news and meetings, you can contact me at:
Joseph French (716) 444 2408 anytime day of night. I will be attending the Washington DC GIN Meeting at IAD Airport and I encourage all to attend as well. I would be more than happy to meet and walk in with you if you choose! I\'m open to any suggestions. I also encourage you to listen to the Open Opp. Call coming up on July 21st.

Joseph French - Visionary GIN Member. To Join GIN - Use Affiliate Code: BELIEVE if prompted.

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Joseph French
Name: Joseph French
Location: Virginia,United States
Company: The Global Information Network

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