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David Bercutt is currently living in Bronx, New York, working as a Metaphysical Housecleansing in "Metaphysical Housecleaning" and is interested in Consulting.
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metaphysical Housecleansing


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Bronx, New York

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I am interested in relieving spiritual distress of all types. I am not an EXORCIST but I don't see why I couldn't be one, I do everything similar. Try me at no charge before you call the professional exorcists; if I fail you pay nothing, except maybe travel and overhead expenses. I also am a hell of an advisor, after my psychic readings, which I did 7 days a week for four and a half years without one day off, I always have plenty of great advice on how you should go forward. And if you need a little magic I will take care of that too. I look forward to working with you! And remember, if it is a psychic reading, magical or spiritual help, or a cleaning of your house, write me here!

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David Bercutt has joined on Jul 11, 2010

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I have worked professionally in the spirit world since 1996. That was the year I started O.P.R.O., On-line Psychic Readings Only, the first all internet psychic service in the history of the web. After the first nine months, I went to number one in the world under on-line readings on the then number one Yahoo search engine, and was on the first page of every search engine. I read with specifics - I do not tell you about handsome strangers and spiritual clouds. I will tell you right on-line, about a friend or boyfriend, and describe them PERFECTLY. I have told people what they have tattooed on their bodies, what happened to them the day before, all about their house and what the view out their windows looked like, about their relationships with a cop, about a blue boat that they used to go out into the ocean in, and thousands of specific descritptions like that over 14 years. I can be contacted above, and I charge NOTHING for a reading - you decide how much to pay me. There are no per minute charges, and I will read you in a chat room or your e-mail, and always be VISUALLY SPECIFIC. AND GIVE YOU PLENTY OF SPIRITUAL ADVICE AND FREE FOLLOWUP LETTERS.

I ALSO CLEAN HOUSES OR OTHER BUILDINGS OF HAUNTINGS AND NEGATIVE SPIRITUAL INFLUENCES OR BAD VIBRATIONS which sometimes keep a huse from selling or keep a family miserable in a home. If there is a bad spirit in your house, I will take him or her out and send them on to the next world. I have been written up in the London Observer, the best newspaper in Geat Britain. If your house is saleable but won\'t sell because a negative energy always drives people away, I will change the energy to clean and sparkly and get the home to sell. I guarantee all my work money back. I cleaned my first house in 1995 after long training with a Yoruba Santero in Tucson, Arizona, and did my first high specific detail psychic reading on-line in 1996. I guarantee you will be satisfied with my magical work.

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David Bercutt
Name: David Bercutt
Location: Bronx,New York,United States
Job Title: metaphysical Housecleansing
Company: Metaphysical Housecleaning

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