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Lathell Sancho is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, working as an Email Marketing Service in "Maximum Web Advantage" and is interested in Advertising & Media.
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Las Vegas, Nevada

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Lathell Sancho

With 30 years experience in such widely diverse fields as Information Technology, International Banking, Business Management, Importing/Exporting and Global Marketing and Sales Lathell Sancho brings to the table expertise gained from his years stateside, in Europe and Asia involved in bringing the worlds of I.T. and International Marketing together both for clients and his own businesses, world-wide in scope, from Switzerland, to the United States, to Taiwan. Being drawn from his earlier roots in the U.S. to Zurich, home to International Banking, in the early 90s, Mr. Sancho quickly transferred real-world banking skills gleaned from work as a Bank Operating Specialist in California, with no less than 30 people working under him, to the European banking theater becoming expert there in not only International Banking but becoming known in the Swiss Microelectronic marketplace as a Strategy Manager introducing to his clients power-brokers in the affluent Swiss business communities within which he moved. Personal entrepreneurial efforts in Europe in importing/exporting, as well as in the U.S., across a wide spectrum of endeavors, brought him success from the food business (his very own, private-label Sancho Panchos BBQ Sauce) to his Megatrade, Switzerland, bringing products out of Asia for the Swiss marketplace, to his own furniture company, E-Z Terms Furniture, moving product to large complexes from Los Angeles to China (operating internationally as Megatrade Corp., USA), making bids for many federal government contracts along the way. In so doing a new arena of expertise opened up for Lathell, that being the intricate business of Letters of Credit and trans-oceanic transportation.

His main passion the world of Information Technology has fueled and seen him direct projects from Asia to Germany, Switzerland and on to the U.S., as an R+D Software Engineer, C++. Lathell is a master in programming, Java and C++ with expertise in Web-Based Application, Multi-tier Client/Server, HTML 4.0, Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, Vbscript, Cascading Style Sheets, DHTML Objects & Events, Filters, Transitions, Data Binding, ActiveX Control, Structured Graphics Path, Sequence Controls, Sprite Animation Control, Multimedia and Audio, Video and e-Commerce. Database: SOL, ADO, RDS, Perl, CGI, XML, Java Servlets, Personal Web Server IIS, Apache and Jigsaw Intros. From these he has written 43,000 lines of pure source code, over 380 programs and taken over 60 tests, to obtain this knowledge. Mr. Sanchos understanding spans from Pure Java, JFC Java, Java Applets, developing Java Applications, control structures, Methods, Arrays, OBP, OOP, Advanced GUI components and JAVA Utilities and beyond. As expert in these technologies, the year 2002 saw him as owner and operator of the company Webbynethead International, tasked and responsible as a tester for Swiss banks security integrity data confidentiality (BSIDC).

Graduating from his early education in Florida, USA., he attended the Programming System Institute in Stanford, Connecticut, then received his undergraduate degree in Business Management from UCLA, Los Angeles, California and went on to be awarded dual Masters in both Computer Science and Business Administration. Lathells further graduate work, all completed in Los Angeles as well, include studies at the IBM System Institute, the California Banking Institute and Chat Field Dean (with a specialty in Stocks and Bonds). Mr. Sancho holds a degree of Master Mason of the Masonic Order, Stanford, Connecticut.

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Lathell Sancho
Name: Lathell Sancho
Location: Las Vegas,Nevada,United States
Job Title: Email Marketing Service
Company: Maximum Web Advantage

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