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Pacific Coast Sliding Door is currently living in Lakewood, California, working as an Owner in "Pacific Coast Sliding Door" and is interested in Services.
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Lakewood, California

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Making our clients happy, and saticfied with our work.

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Pacific Coast Sliding Door has joined on Jun 30, 2010

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If you have a grumpy sliding door in any way whatsoever, we can fix it. Below are only a few services, in the interest of showcasing the most common problems we see every day. If you don\'t see your problem here, don\'t worry - we can still take care of you.

This is the number one problem we get service calls for every day. It\'s a very common problem, so don\'t feel alone with your sticky, hard to slide door. We carry every roller made by all manufacturers on our completely stocked service vehicles so we do the job right the first time. There is no door we can\'t fix and make slide like new, so if someone tells you different, CALL US. We\'ll fix it, GUARANTEED!

Handles and Locks
This is the second most common problem that people need us for. Handles and locks for sliding doors can be surprisingly complicated and it takes an expert to make sure it\'s done right and the door is secure. We carry all current manufacturers handles as well as many obsolete and hard to find handles we bought 10 years ago!

Bottom Track Replacement
We usually only need to do this under two circumstances. The first one is out of your control, and happen when the lime in the stucco underneath the track reacts to moisture and causes a chemical reaction that eats the aluminum. Typically, it is described as looking like acid was poured on the track, causing holes to develop. The second reason happens if you delay too long in replacing the rollers on the door. As the door gets hard to slide, the steel rollers stop turning and instead start digging grooves into the soft aluminum track where the rollers are supposed to glide. This causes a roller coaster effect with bumps in the track, making the door sound REALLY bad and unable to be properly fixed without replacing the track. Occasionally, it is possible to put a stainless steel track cap over the old (now bumpy) track, but many times this is a half measure. Good for selling the home, not so good for staying there another 10 years.

Automatic Door Closers
If you have a pool and there are ever small children over to your home, this is almost a must-have item for your sliding door. In fact, if there is no gate or barrier around the pool, this is a code requirement in most cities that needs to be met in order to sell the home. We have an exclusive system that automatically closes your sliding glass door and self-locks - this is in order to keep children from getting out the door and possibly falling into the pool. This is one of our specialties and we are widely considered to be the best company to do this, even by our competitors.

This is by no means our entire list of services and we welcome any questions you might have about our company and what we provide. Please call us today at 714-316-9014

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Pacific Coast Sliding Door
Name: Pacific Coast Sliding Door
Location: Lakewood,California,United States
Job Title: Owner
Company: Pacific Coast Sliding Door

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