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Pramod Stalwart is currently living in Bangalore, India, working as a Refferal Marketing in "My Video Talk Technologies" and is interested in Accounting, Affiliate Program, Business for Sale, Communications, Home Based Biz, Work from Home.
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Refferal Marketing



Bangalore, India

Categories of Interest

Accounting, Affiliate Program, Business for Sale, Communications, Home Based Biz, Work from Home

My Interests

Making good friends Networking with people around the globe Financial Consultancy

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Pramod stalwart has joined on Jun 29, 2010

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My Video Talk is an internet video streaming company that is based in the sunshine state of California. We have been offering this business since April of 2004. We offer cutting edge internet marketing and communication products. These products consist of customized video email, streaming video onto websites and video web conferencing. The product line is robust, feature rich and in very high demand.

The companies main product is the video email product. This is a robust marketing product for any business that is in the game of sales of any kind. It allows the user to send an actual video on a customized and personalized playback screen that can contain text, photos, links to websites and email addresses and of course the personal or company video. The unique thing about the business and products are the ease of use and the results of using their product. It does not require any technical skills what so ever which makes it very appealing to the business owners. From the receiver of the email it is even easier. A click of a link in the email they receive and up pops the video. No downloads means that the viewer doesn\'t have to wait for the video to play. It is virtually instant.

Streaming video to websites is as easy as copying and pasting the code into the back end of a website and the player is there. You can make simple adjustments like having the video auto start, selecting the size of the player and more.

The video web conference is a unique product that allows you to be inside of a private web meeting room where you can see up to 7 people on screen at once. The meeting rooms can hold an unlimited amount of participants according to the size of package that the subscribers purchase starting at 5 and going up from there. The host can share his entire desktop, documents, websites to the room participants. They will see the hosts computer as if they were standing over his shoulder. A great product for business training, sharing PowerPoint presentations for doing webinars and the like. The other great thing is that all participants in the meeting don\'t need to call a phone number to hear anything. If they have a web cam then they can all be seen and heard. The product for personal use is very robust with many users holding family reunion style web meetings. This truly brings the world closer together. The only requirement is a broadband internet connection anywhere in the world. A click of a mouse and enter the web meeting name and password and you are in. Again there is no downloads.

The MONEY. You can make big money with this business by positioning yourself as an internet marketing expert. You use the product to brand yourself as an expert and then use the product to drive services. Since the product is so inexpensive you have to sell additional services like video production, uploading of the services for the customer, creating playback screens, etc. You can offer your video services by using a simple digital video camera or most digital photo cameras have a video feature on them now as well. For coming and shooting the video tour of a business or of customer testimonials etc. you can charge a couple hundred dollars. This is in addition to setting them up as a customer. You can also use your expertise to charge a consulting fee. This is how you can make a business for yourself by the product alone.

Never has there been a product that is so easily sold and easily used by the end user. The business pay plan in my opinion is second to none. You can make money in 5 different ways on top of using the product to create immediate income for yourself. The company is currently in 100 plus countries and will soon be in every continent and country. In my professional opinion there is no better opportunity to build a home business than with My Video Talk. Easy to use, duplicate, sell, no competition, unique product, this makes it a no brainer for you.

This is one of the best business opportunities of the decade. Video is huge online and it is a growing industry that hasn\'t yet been tapped. Every website will eventually have video on it, most people will eventually send video emails, most large to medium companies will use video conferencing in the future. This opportunity places you in the driver seat of one of the best opportunities on the planet for decades to come.

Do you want to be a distributor of this product .....Call +91 9902977400 or mail me

pls visit

Video Streaming Specialist & E-Entrepreneur

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Pramod stalwart
Name: Pramod Stalwart
Location: Bangalore,India
Job Title: Refferal Marketing
Company: My Video Talk Technologies

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