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About Aaron Wemple

Aaron Wemple is currently living in Edwardsville, Illinois, working as an Author, engineer, physicist, mission coach in "Upright U.S.A. Foundation" and is interested in Education.
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Author, engineer, physicist, mission coach


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Edwardsville, Illinois

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I discovered a new field of physics that I like to apply to free clean energy producing systems. Including electricity. These new Laws of physics are Laws of attraction, mutual inclusiveness. They will eventually be applied to every other true field of study, science and technology.

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Aaron Wemple has joined on Jun 19, 2010

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Author, engineer, theoretical physicist, and the founding coach of the Upright U.S.A. Mission, Aaron W. Wemple, attempts to enlighten the world with fresh new scientific research, such as in his new book "Revelation Government." Which began as a scientific journey through the old family court system. A treacherous journey that many people pay for, and that many people suffer from today. A journey that he used to follow the lead of love, truth and honor to expose corruption. And then to engineer a healing solution.

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Aaron Wemple
Name: Aaron Wemple
Location: Edwardsville,Illinois,United States
Job Title: Author, engineer, physicist, mission coach
Company: Upright U.S.A. Foundation

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Aaron Wemple
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