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Jeremy Phillips is currently living in Arkansas, works in "N/A" and is interested in Other.
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My name is Jeremy Phillips, a.k.a. Jeremy Mac, the author of \"TWEEKERS\". It is my first book and I am currently working on its sequel \"Frozen Faces at 4:20\". Writing is something I\'ve always enjoyed doing, even when I was a little kid I used to play with the idea of becoming a writer someday but I never thought I would actually become one. Back when I was in school, writing, literature, English, grammar and spelling were the only subjects I was naturally good at. Everything else I either didn\'t care about and simply wouldn\'t apply myself or I honestly could not grasp, such as anything pertaining to math.

It wasn\'t until I was incarcerated that I finally put forth the effort to do any serious writing. I started out with a couple of short stories and then began working on \"TWEEKERS\". I originally intended for it to be something else entirely different than what it is, but as I continued writing the book, it took on a life of its own and became ultimately better. Although I\'ve drawn certain experiences from my own life, I do not try to pass it off as anything other than fiction. When asked how much of it is actually true I\'ll say about a quarter to a third, and then the next question is almost always if the murder actually happened and, although I am locked up for murder, something I SINCERELY regret, the particular murder I have written about in the book is a total fabrication from my own mind. Nothing about it is even remotely similar to my own crime.

I do create characters who share traits with real people I\'ve know. In fact, the main character, whose name is Gus, I\'ve widely based from my own personality and characteristics. Though I\'ve \"tweeked\" the character a bit more we are pretty much one in the same.

Of course I do like to read a lot and there are a ton of great authors out there who I like but my top picks are: Jackie Collins (she sent me an autographed book, which is in my photos), Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson, Stuart Woods, Neil Gaiman and Edward Lee.

I like a variety of music. I\'ve always been a fan of bands like TOOL, Slipknot, Korn, Disturbed, Type O Negative, Lacuna Coil, Linkin Park... the list goes on. I also dig music by Ke$sha, Natasha Beddingfield, Katy Perry, Chris Isaac, One Republic, a lot of classic rock and 80\'s music and even a little country and classical are cool at times.

I like to work out. I\'m very fit and muscular. In prison you do either one of two things: become lazy, out of shape and/or fat, or you work out, exercise and stay fit... whatever works best for you. Eating healthy is nearly impossible in here unless you have the good fortune of having money sent to you (my family does the best they can) to buy off the commissary, otherwise you eat what is provided. If I was able to have a picture taken of me with my shirt off I would, but here at the Cummins Unit in Arkansas the warden won\'t allow it. RIDICULOUS!

Anyone who reads \"TWEEKERS\" will be able to tell that only someone who has had a drug problem at one time could write such things, and there is no way I could deny that, but I\'ve been drug free several years now. It was a wild part of my life that is LONG behind me! I\'m now pushing forward and doing all I can to work my way out of here so I can get on with a whole new, greater life than I could every imagine having before. I have huge dreams and I have full intentions on seeing them through.

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Jeremy Phillips
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