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David Briggs is currently living in Euless, Texas, works in "Natural Seal" and is interested in For the Home.
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Euless, Texas

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I was frequently replacing homeowners sealant around their pool with a very messy 2-part epoxy substance. It had a familiar smell to it, but I just could not place where or why it did (Ill explain soon and you will be shocked!). The pool industry calls it Deck-o-Seal. It is very expensive to replace, and the pool industry charges up to $7.00 a foot in some states. I started noticing how fast Deck-o-Seal would begin to fail. For instance, one pool was less than 2 years old when the sealant was replaced. I thought that was odd, but the money was good, and the owners would pay to protect their investment. They knew how important it was to maintain the integrity of the seal.

Then it hit me pool sealant is a huge market, dominated by one product. Since I didnt know the components of Deck-O-Seal, I requested the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and found its real name, a 2-part epoxy sealant called poly-sulfide. I researched Poly-Sulfide on the internet and discovered it was listed as \"aircraft fuel cell sealant\" almost as many times as it was listed as Deck-o-Seal. Go figure.

Finally it made sense: the smell, remembering where & why it was familiar to me, and most importantly understanding why the sealant around these pools was failing so fast under the blistering summer sun. Poly-Sulfide was not designed to be in the sun. I knew the true purpose for Poly-Sulfide - it was designed for the completely opposite environment.

My first objective was to create longevity. That was the main issue. I also wanted to make it easy to install, with just a minimal set of skills. I knew the difficulty of Deck-o-Seal\'s installation procedures because I had been installing it day in and day out. If I could make it repairable too, that would ultimately make the 2-part epoxy obsolete!

Im happy to say I have accomplished all that and more. Natural Seal is the beginning of a New Era in Swimming Pool / Expansion Joint Sealant. It is a dry-based, water-activated product, which forms a long lasting, repairable, non-toxic seal around your pool. Along with being efficient, Natural Seal makes it easy to get a professional finish. Its water soluble for easy clean-up with no hazardous waste to dispose. Natural Seal also holds angles (other leading brands are self-leveling) when the coping stone and deck are not at the same level which is often found around older, more established pools due to ground movement or improperly maintained seals. In most cases, Natural Seal appears level by eliminating the shadows created by the higher side. Natural Seal is easy to install, nontoxic and very attractive too.

By using our pool sealant, youll save time and money right now and down the road. It takes a lot of work to replace your seals every few years with the other options out there. After you try Natural Seal, I know itll be your Seal of Approval!

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David Briggs
Name: David Briggs
Location: Euless,Texas,United States
Company: Natural Seal

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David Briggs
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