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About Lindsey Cole

Lindsey Cole is currently living in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, working as a Marketing Executive in "Stayin Home and Lovin It!" and is interested in Marketing.
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Marketing Executive



Fort Bragg, North Carolina

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\"No one can go back and start a new beginning, but everyone can start today and make a new ending.\"

My beginnings in life started early when I left my parents house at the age of 17 to strike out on my own. I quickly realized that life was a constant battle when I was faced with a lifestyle based on poverty rather than riches. Through my struggle for mere survival, I was graced with the news that I would be welcoming a child into this world and beginning my family lifestyle. After the arrival of my first son I realized that I needed more out of life than to just \"make it\" and so I began to set my goals and ambitions towards finding a way to better myself in order to better the life I have with those I love and cherish. There were job opportunities that came and went, some were successful and fulfilling, while others were not but even throughout my search for a means of making a living alongside my husband, the sting of having to leave my family for hours on end daily never pleased me much. Yet, at that point in time, what choice did I have?

Little did I know then, but there IS an opportunity waiting for those who value the time they have with the ones they love enough to want to challenge the work force for something greater than just a normal nine to five. I have found that opportunity, and I couldn\'t be more excited to share it with others so that they can provide an income while still being able to enjoy the freedom of being their own boss and the luxury of working from their own home. Not to mention, the ability to grow an income based on an unlimited scale, so that everyone can make what they are truly worth rather than have a company pay for what they see fit as an employees worth.

For me, finding the balance between time and money was a gift beyond all measure. And in finding this wonderful opportunity, I can now strive to reach a lifestyle of financial freedom, rather than to forfeit my goals to what the work industry has set for most of society. This is my new ending, despite my harsh beginning and I am looking forward to helping others find their new endings also.

Proud Mother and Army Wife

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Lindsey Cole
Name: Lindsey Cole
Location: Fort Bragg,North Carolina,United States
Job Title: Marketing Executive
Company: Stayin Home and Lovin It!

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Lindsey Cole
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