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M. Gray is currently living in Granite, Illinois, working as a Gutter Channel Guard for free flowing gutters in "Gutter Channel Guard Inc." and is interested in For the Home.
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Gutter Channel Guard for free flowing gutters


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Granite, Illinois

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For the Home

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Gutter Channel Guard is an incredibly easy to install gutter guard, affordable and effective. I installed 18 feet in 44 seconds as shown in my video, its just that easy to install. No snaps clips or screws. Gutter Channel Guard is sold in 2 ft. sections @ $2.85 per section and 90 degree corners @$2.50 per corner. Gutter Channel Guard sits low in the gutter, so not to affect the appearance of the house and to protect and clean the system in high winds, as explained in the How it works section of my website. Fits all 5K- style gutter systems.

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M. Gray
Name: M. Gray
Location: Granite,Illinois,United States
Job Title: Gutter Channel Guard for free flowing gutters
Company: Gutter Channel Guard Inc.

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