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About Douglas Earp

Douglas Earp is currently living in Illinois, working as a Sales Affiliate in "Smith Ross, Inc." and is interested in Automotive, Energy.
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Sales Affiliate




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Automotive, Energy

My Interests

I'm marketing Mileage Maxx that will reduce toxic exhaust emissions from every internal combustion engine. Better fuel burn lowers hydrocarbon & other toxic compounds. Improved engine designs would help, but increasing the fuel efficiency with Mileage Maxx is a start.

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Douglas Earp has joined on Jun 12, 2010

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Independent Marketer for Smith Ross, Inc. for 3 years. I\'m bringing Mileage Maxx to the world-wide market. Mileage Maxx is a proven EPA registered & CARB certified product for use and sale in all states, including CA. Mileage Maxx does what it says. I\'ve used it in my own vehicles for three years.

It won\'t harm your catalyst. Can be used in gas or diesel engines with up to 20% increase in mileage.

One 30 oz bottle treats up to 125 gallons of fuel and costs about $0.08 a gallon to use. Compared to other off the shelf products, Mileage Maxx is not sold in any store.

Buy it online only.

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Douglas Earp
Name: Douglas Earp
Location: Illinois,United States
Job Title: Sales Affiliate
Company: Smith Ross, Inc.

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Douglas Earp
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