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Erika Risener is currently living in Michigan, working as a People Helping People and is interested in Work from Home.
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People Helping People

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Work from Home

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Making money to better my family & myself as well as help others

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Erika Risener has joined on Jun 06, 2010

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Has a perfect stranger ever GAVE to you? I will always remember when a man that I did not even know paid for my coffee at a gas station & said God Bless you. I still think of that day, it really touched my heart. The smallest of things can mean the world. It makes you realize that people care, that our world is not all bad. Imagin being able to GIVE back. With this unique program, you can do just that! We are a team, a team of people who care & who want to GIVE to others. Join hands with me today & lets make a difference in someones life

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Erika Risener
Name: Erika Risener
Location: Michigan,United States
Job Title: People Helping People

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Erika Risener
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