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John Collins is currently living in alamo, California, working as a Personal in "Gold inc" and is interested in For Sale.
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alamo, California

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any opened to new and intresting things that can bring good to me in anyway...

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john collins has joined on Jun 06, 2010

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\'The Pledge\' is a historic, nationwide project aimed at nation building. It
is one that will inspire and change Nigerians for the better. It is a
complimentary project to the rebrand Nigeria initiative which we truly
believe in. With your support, \'The Pledge\' can fulfill its objective as
being the catalyst for growth and change in this historic and pivotal year.


As Nigeria attains the milestone age of 50 in October this year, self
assessment is required. We (Nigeria) have come a long way and have made
considerable achievements, truth be told though, there\'s room for so much
more. Spurred on by the burning desire to see a greater nation, \'The
Pledge\' is born. What greater Independence present can we give Nigeria in
this golden jubilee year than our individual and collective pledge to build
a greater nation.


\"The Pledge\' is a series of creative and inspiring 30-45 second monologues
by regular, everyday Nigerians (no actors) pledging themselves to building
a better Nigeria. It is a nationwide, month long campaign that will kick
off on September 1, 2010 and climax to a live concert on October 1, 2010.
\'The Pledge\' will run on a national TV station, a Cable TV station, 3
regional TV stations, 6 regional radio stations, 4 national newspapers .
Between 3 -5 monologues (ads) will run daily on the stated TV and radio
mediums while a monologue (ad) will feature in 4 of the print media twice
weekly. This is a historic and colossal campaign that would reach (an
estimated) over 80million Nigerians. A total of 15 well crafted monologues
will be produced to be aired during the period. From the old to the young
to the various tribes to the perceived varying status, there is an
involvement and message for all - \"we all have a part to play in building a
better nation\".

- The Concert

To round off the month long nationwide campaign is a unique, fun filled and
powerful concert. Attendees to this concert will come in their self styled
superhero/heroine outfits designed to address a Nigerian problem. The theme
being we can be heroes for Nigeria by dedicating ourselves to fixing one
nagging Nigerian problem.

The concert will feature role models in our society likewise
representatives from the sponsors who will address the crowd in a bid to
inspire them. The concert will also feature Nigerian artistes, comedians,
fashion designers etc. The stage/venue will be fully branded in the
sponsor\'s colours.

Souvenirs will be given out on the day, these will include branded shirts,
caps, wristbands etc. The most creative super hero outfit/concept will be
awarded a cash prize. A minimal gate fee (say 500 naira) will be attached
to the show as we intend to donate all proceeds to a charitable cause. Our
displaced brothers and sisters in the continual Jos crises is a cause that
we are passionate about.


. This is a different kind of campaign. The pledges will be
recited by regular everyday Nigerians (no actors) thus
attracting the much needed believability across the populace.
They are pledges the average Nigerian will relate with.

. \'The pledge\' will engage all forms of the media in the country
knowing fully well the strength and importance of the media in
being a catalyst for growth in any nation.

. With 3 to 5 pledges showing daily on different media stations
nationwide to an estimated reach of over 80million Nigerians
for a one month period, the message and the importance of the
campaign will resonate throughout the country.


. Re commit Nigerians to our pledge to Nigeria

. Take a bold and effective step in building a better Nigeria

. Put back hope and belief in the populace that Nigeria will be great

. Support the visionary mission of the ministry of Information and
communication\'s rebrand Nigeria initiative

. Be the catalyst for change and growth in this generation


. It compliments and strengthens the rebrand Nigeria initiative of the
Ministry of Information.

. The pledges will cut across age, status, tribe and occupation thus
attracting the much needed believability in the populace

. It is the most appropriate Independence present Nigerians can give
Nigeria in this golden jubilee year.

. It is a pivotal and imperative project in this historic year.

. It commits us all to nation building, not only the government thereby
making the nation building task easier and achievable.


To make this campaign a historic and effective one, the requirement
from your organization include the funds to execute this project. It
is broken down below:

|1 |AIRTIME |Cost of placing the |10,635,520 |
| | |campaign on regional, | |
| | |national, radio and TV | |
| | |stations. Also includes | |
| | |Cable TV for a 1 month | |
| | |period. | |
|2 |PRODUCTION |This covers the cost of |5,000,00 |
| | |producing the monologues | |
| | |for \'The Pledge\'. It | |
| | |includes renumeration for | |
| | |the cast and crew, | |
| | |equipment and post | |
| | |production. | |
|3 |PRINT MEDIA |Placing \'The Pledge\' in |5,000,000 |
| | |some of the national | |
| | |newspapers | |
|4 |THE CONCERT |This will take care of the |6,500,000 |
| | |venue, stage, branding, | |
| | |guest speakers and artistes| |
| | |on the concert day | |
|5 |BRANDED ITEMS |This includes shirts, caps,|2,000,000 |
| | |wristbands, etc. all | |
| | |branded in the sponsors | |
| | |colours/logo that would be | |
| | |given out on the concert | |
| | |day. | |
|6 |PUBLICITY |This covers radio, TV and |1,000,000 |
| | |print interviews shedding | |
| | |more light and information | |
| | |on \'The Pledge\' campaign. | |
|7 |MISCELLENEOUS | |500,000 |
| |TOTAL | |30,635,520 |


To ensure that \'The Pledge\' campaign is an effective and successful one, we
have devised different forms of partnership/sponsorship.


This is total sponsorship which carries exclusivity. The brand is the
main and only sponsor, all the campaign ads on radio, TV, Cable TV and
internet will carry the brand name/logo as well as print. The stage for
the concert will also be fully branded in the sponsor\'s name/logo
likewise the souvenirs to be given out.

TAG 30,635,520


This mode of sponsorship covers - Branded souvenirs on the concert day +

Campaign ads on radio and TV stations only


Campaign ads on TV and print media only


Cable TV ads only

TAG 10,000,000


The silver mode only covers radio campaign ads and some regional TV ads

TAG 5,000,000


This mode covers only radio campaign ads.

TAG 2,500,000

(All the forms of sponsorship are for the one month period, Sept 1 - Sept
30, 2010. Between 3 - 5 ads will run daily on radio, TV and Cable TV
while an ad will run on 4 of the national newspapers twice daily)



WILL AND WISER NIGERIA is an indigenous outfit, which started operations as
an affiliate of Final Concept, Nigeria, registered since 1994.

WILL & WISER began its activities in 2002, with focus on, Educational &
Cultural Development, Youth Concerns and Promotions.

In the past, we had been involved in the promotion and production of
various educational and cultural enlightenment programmers\' for some NGO\'s
and private establishments, mostly in Port Harcourt and the Niger Delta


To rebuild the glory of Nigeria as indeed the giant of Africa, through the
impactation on the citizens a new zeal and determination to shun all vices
and embrace a renewed urge to be a better people and nation, not to for
ourselves to acknowledge, but for the entire world to appreciate.

To promote a Education, Nigerian culturally diverse and sustainable
creative activities through initiatives targeted at particular industry
sectors as well as working with young people, students, women, ethnic
groups, the unemployed, refugees, the disabled and other groups at risk or

To promote access to cultural and creative industries, improving
understanding and practice of the arts and creative industries, sustaining
the area\'s cultural heritage, encouraging tourists and visitors as well as
developing new distribution channels and retail markets

To support policy, planning, urban regeneration, creative hubs, clusters
and cultural initiatives which shall promote the regeneration and a renewed


We are here to change the orientation and notion of Nigerians, as it
affects education, culture, and nation building.


S/No Company
Programmes Executed

Drops In Rhythms (Radio)

2. Waste, Pipes & Drainages Ltd Waste A Danger To

4. FMENV - PH Office
Environmental Prog (Radio)

Schools Debate (TV)

5. Final Concept
Young Farmers Club (TV)


House 17b, 5th street,
Elekahia Housing Estate,
Off Trans Amadi Industrial layout,
Port Harcourt.

Texaco petrol station,
1, Omole layout,
Ikeja, Lagos.

Tel - (234) 08023211069, 08094661270.
Email - [email protected]


TEMI A. OGUNWOLU (FCIA AMABE) -Director (Managing/Business Development)

ABAYOMI SONIYI - Head, Projects & Operations.

SANUMI DAWODU - Graphics & Design

LANRE OJO - Resource person

ERONINI ONYINYE - Resource person

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john collins
Name: John Collins
Location: alamo,California,United States
Job Title: personal
Company: gold inc

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