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Serina Jordan is currently living in Florida, working as a Weight Lose. Start Losing Weight Today! in "Healthy Living" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Weight Lose. Start Losing Weight Today!




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Health & Beauty

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* Learn to lose fat permanently: 95% of people who lose weight put it back on within the first year and sometimes end up fatter than when they started. Learn how to train to keep the weight off and how you can stay toned even once your motivation to go every day to the gym goes. * Learn the right way to lose body fat without slowing your metabolism: When dieting you often hit a weight loss "plateau" at this point you will neither gain or lose weight. This is due to the body burning actual muscle in order to feed its need for energy. This results in a drastic slowing down of your metabolism! The elite weight loss program will teach you how to avoid this happening and teach you how to control your metabolism and use it to your big, best advantage as a calorie burning furnace! * Learn to lose fat without the need for diet pills: Weight loss drugs do work, but the results are temporary as your body adapts to them and the side effects are nasty. Learning to train without pills by getting your training and nutrition right without you ever feeling hungry will ensure you continue to burn fat and keep it off.

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serina jordan has joined on Jun 04, 2010

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Even if you have struggled losing weight in the past

Even if you\'ve had enough and given up

Even if you can\'t find time for the gym everyday

...Learn how Serina Jordan, trainer of millions of people both online and in the gym has helped to get people JUST LIKE YOU slimmer and toned in weeks not months!

In this revolutionary step-by-step book you are going to discover the most powerful fat loss system ever developed to this day! It\'s the exact same diet program Hollywood actors, supermodels and bodybuilders use to achieve lean, shaped, toned bodies with rock-hard muscle definition.

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serina jordan
Name: Serina Jordan
Location: Florida,United States
Job Title: Weight Lose. Start Losing Weight Today!
Company: Healthy Living

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serina jordan
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