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Rebekah Stephenson is currently living in Idaho, working as a Team Coach/Director and is interested in Wholesale, Work from Home.
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Team Coach/Director

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Wholesale, Work from Home

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I enjoy working with and coaching a great group of people (most of them women/moms) who get to stay home and be there for their families but yet make the income they need! We are a down to earth team and not full of hype , false promises, or all that other annoying junk many work from home opportunities display. No large investments, and No products to stock, sell , or deliver. I am also in the environmental and natural alternative realm of things and believe in living healthier lives. Our team can help you live well in so many ways, from safer \"green\" products, to better health and vitality to a REAL residual income that builds and lasts over time.

A little bit of background about my road to finding a viable income from home: I had previously tried Avon for several years and it wasn\'t much of a success. I had looked in to many companies to replace Avon with and what I found were a lot of high start up costs, high ongoing purchases required, and hype. It was quite a discouraging search! I had to find a business that was very practical. In a struggling economy I was not about to promote anything that everyone out there didn\'t need or couldn\'t afford. Luckily I found the right place with an award winning 26 year old wellness company. I have talked to other Avon reps lately that have done it for 15 -20 years and they don\'t have a residual income to fall back on if they couldn\'t work for a few months . I realized what a great business I I am able to take time off whenever I need to and yet get paid virtually the same amount.

Whether you are a business minded entrepreneur looking for a viable business , a regular stay at home mom or housewife, a working professional who needs a plan B or an extra income stream, or just someone who is passionate about their health or the environment I can help! There truly is something for everyone here.

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Rebekah Stephenson
Name: Rebekah Stephenson
Location: Idaho,United States
Job Title: Team Coach/Director

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Rebekah Stephenson
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