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Michael Williams is currently living in San Francisco, California, working as a Zoe by Michael Alonzo Williams and is interested in Media.
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Zoe by Michael Alonzo Williams

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San Francisco, California

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Mother nature acted on behalf of father time. That began a train wreck of
catastrophes at maximum proportions. Extreme quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes
and volcanoes were opening up foundations in cities around the world. The
living were in grave danger. As coastal existence becomes lost to the sea,
there was a tremendous loss of lives. The combination of tornadoes,
hurricanes, quakes and volcanoes created a downward vertical void that
stretched along the former coastline. Spewing from all fissures the quake
discharge from the volcanic activity, releasing a concentrated fog like
mixture of poisonous gases, began the dispensing of gamma rays.

The lost souls that were consumed by the sea were reanimated by the
gamma rays upon contact, reviving the body and enhancing that body with
inhuman strength, also acquiring amphibious characteristics. What was once
dead is now alive.

Astonished and bewildered noticing their anatomy and physiology change, trying
to grasp that they\'re breathing underwater, observing formed gills below their
anklebones, these survivors, now humanoids band together communicating with
disconcerted telepathy.

The gigantic void begins to decrease in size, once a coastline, now the size of
a small city. It became the Invisible Metemorphose Entrance (IME). During the
decreasing of the void the new humanoids salvaged the debris from the catastrophe;
Erecting an immense cylindrical sylo by fusing the excretions from certain sea life,
grounded sea floor and miscellaneous debris creating a compound fifty times stronger
than steel and as hard as carbon pressure minerals.

The silo has a radius of 125,000 ft. They begin to adjust and make use of the creatures
and food. The people now fully united call themselves Zoanians of Zoe, the underwater
city. Over time the Zoanians mastered the elements of the sea and establish a
magnificent city adorned with gems, lining the elevated terraces hanging some hundred
feet above. Gem studded high rises that towered into the heights of the silo.

With the abundance of raw material the Zoanians build colorful and beautiful structures
with different styles and shapes. The colors are so vibrant and breathtaking. Precious
stones and gems of different sizes and color are arranged into patterns of sea life and
other figures lining the walls and pathways, and light and power everywhere. To power
the equipment used in daily life and the providing of light, the Zoanians developed a
technology; using a combination of bioluminescent creatures and rocks, plants, crystals
and the vast geothermal energy available, along with the ability to harness and
manipulate the gamma rays. Also, the use of crystals called Garnetittes; these gems
emit unlimited concentrated energy in the form of light....
Whoever possesses these stones can weld enormous power.

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Michael Williams
Name: Michael Williams
Location: San Francisco,California,United States
Job Title: Zoe by Michael Alonzo Williams

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Michael Williams
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