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About Lonnie Mabley

Lonnie Mabley is currently living in Madisonville, Tennessee, working as an Internet Marketing Analyst in "AMC Services" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Legal Services.
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Internet Marketing Analyst


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Madisonville, Tennessee

Categories of Interest

Advertising & Media, Legal Services

My Interests

I enjoy carpentry and fixing mechanical things. I'd like to learn more about weather and nature, straw bale constructed houses and living off the grid.

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Lonnie Mabley has joined on May 27, 2010

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I have decided to not include a professional appearing resume within my Sales Spider Profile as it provides too much detail and is not relevant to my current work. I have worked in the Healthcare Financial Management arena for 17 years and continued in Financial Management arena as a CFO in several other organizations within the Education, Broadcasting and Construction industries. A full resume of my work history, skills and qualifications is available for those who ask.

My current work is as an Independent Marketing Consultant with three companies, Legal Shield (the former name was Pre-Paid Legal), Solid Marketing Strategies and Social Outbreak.

Within Legal Shield (Pre-Paid Legal) we market prepaid legal plans to both individuals and business customers. We also market and Identity Theft coverage to individuals. Identity Theft coverage is provided by Kroll, the worlds leading asset manager. Kroll does proactive searches to monitor your identity, and they are the only company that restores your identity at no charge if anything is ever compromised.

As an Internet Marketing Representative for Solid Marketing Strategies, I help small to medium sized companies expose their company to customers looking for them, we then help them acquire more customers and engage them in return business and put them in a position to dominate their market. We also do video commercials which help position our clients on the first page in Google searches and assist companies develop a text marketing program to bring in repeat customers if their type of services could benefit from this type of program.

Our program with Social Outbreak incorporates the social media aspect into the marketing plan of a company. Our interactive Facebook fan page is a one of a kind, and is not available from any other source. This system provides easy to use templates to design your own unique, interactive Facebook fan page that allows you to market to your network of friends and to their networks too. The system allows you to change offers and manage your site with simplicity and efficiency. By the use of the powerful options that are built-in, clients have access to flexible and unique features that brand them consistently with their existing websites. All this is available for as little as $50 per month, with out any long term contracts!

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Lonnie Mabley
Name: Lonnie Mabley
Location: Madisonville,Tennessee,United States
Job Title: Internet Marketing Analyst
Company: AMC Services

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Lonnie Mabley
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