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Becky Ragsdale
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Becky Ragsdale is currently living in Chapel Hill, Tennessee, working as a Do You Want To Retire In 24 Months? in "One 24" and is interested in Work from Home.
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Do You Want To Retire In 24 Months?


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Chapel Hill, Tennessee

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Work from Home

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I love working online with my store check it out and see what you think about all my nice items.

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Becky Ragsdale has joined on May 24, 2010

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Does your web site pay you for everyone who come in over you,under you,and directly below you? Mine does how good can it get? How does getting paid for 1500 people above I had nothing to do with getting paid for sound to you? Sounds good to me because that is what I am getting paid for.How many people do you have to sign up to start getting paid every month? All I have to sign up every month is one person a month and thats it. This web site is so awesome I only have to sign up one person a month and I start getting paid and after I sign One person a month for 24 months I am retirng.This is so good I have already started getting paid and would love to have you on my team retiring with me in 24 months.I work with a team and we all work togather to make this dream come true and we would love to do the same for you.So if you like working as a team helping make dreams come true including your own what are you waiting on.Get on over to my web site and lets get started we have alot of work to do making dreams come true including yours.

Becky Ragsdale

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Becky Ragsdale
Name: Becky Ragsdale
Location: Chapel Hill,Tennessee,United States
Job Title: Do You Want To Retire In 24 Months?
Company: One 24

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Becky Ragsdale
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