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Maurecio Carpeli is currently living in Newport News, Virginia, working as a Director of Product R&D in "LogicSafari" and is interested in Affiliate Program.
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Director of Product R&D



Newport News, Virginia

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Affiliate Program

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I enjoy learning in general. Life is short, so I like to learn in summation first, then in greater detail as I decide on how to apply useful information.

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Maurecio Carpeli has joined on May 23, 2010

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Maurecio Antonio Carpeli
Campbell Lane One Five Zero, Newport News, Virginia [23602]


I am an industry expert and provider of quality online solutions that
address real-world questions related to food technology and general
education. You can view samples of my work at: and

I have a love for culinary sciences, which has led me on a journey which
merged my culinary art skills as a Chef with my technical food science
education. My experiences range from product R&D, plant management and
marketing to overseeing construction of several state-of-the-art USDA and
FDA processing plants.

I am skilled as a rapid prototyper and have the ability to quickly
translate food concepts into viable finished manufactured products. I am
also an accomplished writer and try to help anyone trying to graduate
college on a shoestring to do so as affordably as possible. My eBook, \"How
To Earn 40 Free College Credits\" is a must read, and can be purchased at my
website for $47 or through retailers for $79.

My complimentary computer skills assure professional communication in
contact, presentations and follow thru.

I am very accustomed to planning the work and then working the plan. Even
though I prefer a structured environment, I am flexible in adapting to
crisis situations and have just completed my national FEMA crises
management certification. I realize that in a crises situation, quality
answers can often make the difference in maintaining the stability of your
brand and the trust that your customer\'s have placed in you.

For over 20 years, I have helped develop, position, fine-tune, taken to
market, made famous, and revitalized an impressive list of brands and
businesses, large and small. The results I have generated for my clients
are just one of the many reasons why companies around the world choose me
for their new product business consulting needs. I have pioneered
innovation, launched category-defining products, built and managed major
USDA and FDA manufacturing facilities, designed creative interactive
retail displays, operated private companies, led industry caused-based
groups, and worked on some of the most innovative brand names in the world.

My passion lends insight into solving the toughest technical problems, and
bringing the biggest and best ideas to life. We\'ve found that by combining
our collective strategic, creative, and practical skills, we are uniquely
capable of providing our clients with consistent innovation.


Senior Director of Research and Development
LogicSafari Technical Services
Houston Texas

As Senior Director of R&D for LogicSafari Technical Services, I help
provide responsive and innovative solutions to the food and pharma

My inter-disciplinary background provides insight from the marketing,
sales, rapid prototyping, manufacturing and quality control perspectives. I
can help you gain, retain and grow your customer base and maximize your
product line\'s maximum market penetration. I can help streamline your
projects and save you valuable time. My comprehensive portfolio of
capabilities allows me to pursue multiple aspects of your project
simultaneously, without over tasking your internal human resources.

Senior Director of Technical Services
GCA Technical Services, Portsmouth, Virginia

GCA was an amazing company that provided USDA and FDA product design,
formulation and manufacturing assistance to the gourmet food industry. As
Senior Director of Technical Services, I was responsible for the day-to-day
management of the prototype lab and the field implementation team.
Basically, we would develop scalable laboratory prototypes that met our
client\'s requirements, assure stability and then assist them as a Process
Authority member in registration of their products and processes, related
labels, in-plant implementation and distribution logistics.

Division President
TWB Gourmet Foods, Inc., Portsmouth, Virginia
CP Specialty Foods, Inc.
FDA Low Acid/Acidified Foods Processor

In 1994, the new president of Doughtie\'s Foods, Inc., Mr. Steven Houfeck,
contacted me to discuss a new product line I had developed called Thunder
Bay. He had seen it in several of his key restaurant accounts, a couple of
gourmet retail shops and at a private dinner party he attended. We met, and
within a month, had agreed to joint-venture in a nationwide expansion.
During our partnership, we were able to roll out an impressive line of 46
products available in retail, commercial food service and commercial food
service packs. Our customers ranged from gift gourmet retails to further
processors like Purdue Farms and Smithfield Foods. In 1997, the company was
acquired by Sysco Foods.

Director of Technical Services
Restaurant Systems America, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Also known as RSA

As Director of Technical Services, I helped restaurants develop themed
menus, new recipes, consistent prep and production procedures; including
training and implementation systems to assure their success. I wrote
employee training and policy manuals and trained key staff in expanding
specialized sections of their business like in-store bakeries or Heat-N-
Serve Entrees produced with cook-chill technology. On the technology side,
I also assisted clients with computerized RRP/MRPII level system builds and
Micros 4400 and PC based Restaurant Menu Management Systems.

Director of Research and Development
Doughtie\'s Foods, Inc., Portsmouth, Virginia
USDA/FDA Processor

Tom Beeler, the then president of Doughtie\'s had recruited me to join his
company as it seemed to his senior national sales staff that my experience
in developing and rolling out the Jesse\'s Best line would be an asset in
developing new lines for their Chain accounts and institutions. I joined
the firm as Director of Research and Development. In the first 6 months, I
developed a no-stir (particle suspension) pumpable hot dog chili for
Southland Corporation (7-11). Our initial contract was 3.5 million. This
put me on the fast-track with the Board o f Directors and assured my
success. I spent most of my time stabilizing existing national products and
bringing the 375 or so labels we produced into compliance; and assisting
with instituting our TQMDI (Total Quality Management Discretionary
Inspection) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
compliance procedures for manufacturing. This was a daunting task that took
me well over a year to completely stabilize.

Plant Manager
Supreme Foods, Inc., Norfolk, Virginia
USDA Processor

When I joined Supreme Foods, I was challenged with closing down a non-
profitable Pizza production facility that was servicing Food Lion on the
east coast. I converted this facility into a state-of-the-art USDA whole
muscle injection further processing facility. I developed a line called,
\"Jesse\'s Best\", which included roast beef, pastrami, corned beef, and
Italian sausages. This brand is still in production to this very day!


Juris Doctorate - Currently studying law at Taft Law School

Bachelor\'s Degree in Food Technology
Commonwealth Polytechnic Institute, Richmond, Virginia (1993)

Associate\'s Degree - Applied Science in Culinary Arts
Culinary School of Washington, Richmond, Virginia (1989)

Associate\'s Degree - Business Administration
Jefferson Business College, Cleveland, Ohio 44115 (1983)


ECPI College of Technology: 36 Credits (2009)
FEMA Emergency Management Institute: (74 certificates) 40
Credits (2009)
National Computer Science Academy: 7 Certifications (2009)
Advanced First Aid & CPR Recertification (2009)
Virginia Class A Builder License (2005-2008)
Virginia E&S RLD License (2002 - 2008)
Virginia Licensed Realtor (2002-2007)
ACE Institute Continuing Education (2007)
VREB Continuing Education Course (2007)
Alpha School of Real Estate (2002)
University of Maryland College of Agriculture - (1994):
. FDA Course - Acidified Foods
. FDA Course - Still Retorts, Pressure Processing with
. FDA Course - Still Retorts, Processing with
. FDA Course - Hydrostatic Retorts
. FDA Course - Agitating Retorts, Continuous Container
. FDA Course -Agitating Retorts, Discontinuous
Container Handling
. FDA Course -Aseptic Processing and Packaging Systems
. FDA Course - Closures for Glass Containers
. FDA Course -Closures for Metal Containers

Microwave Food Technologist Symposium (1986)
Naval School of Health Sciences: 28 Credits (1984)
Management Systems Training (1983)
Chef Apprenticeship under Master Chef Lloyd C. Logue (1976-1980)


PCA Professional Chefs Association
The Chef Alliance
Charter Member of Research Chefs Association (former)
NRA National Restaurant Association (former)
IFT Institute of Food Technologist (former)


Personal and Professional References available upon request.

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Maurecio Carpeli
Name: Maurecio Carpeli
Location: Newport News,Virginia,United States
Job Title: Director of Product R&D
Company: LogicSafari

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