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About Neil Oconnor

Neil Oconnor is currently living in Niagara Falls, Ontario, working as a Design For Your Life in "Healt products" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Design For Your Life



Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Health & Beauty


The Picc a Boo Picc line sleeve and other specialty cover sleeves ( colostomy sleeve, leg bag
cover sleeves and the over night urinary cover sleeve are a trade mark of Design for your life.
These products were created by registered nurses who have over the years treated clients
requiring long term intravenous therapy, indwelling catheters and colostomys.
Medically, the picc line is a device which is inserted in the upper arm and is covered with a
transparent dressing. Unfortunately, it remains visable and is associated with a medical
ailment, the urinary catheter bags and colostomy bags are sometimes visable as well and
again, associated with a private medical matter.

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neil oconnor
Name: Neil Oconnor
Location: Niagara Falls,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Design For Your Life
Company: Healt products

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neil oconnor
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