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About Eric Zuckerman

Eric Zuckerman is currently living in West Orange, New Jersey, working as a President in "Trader Screen" and is interested in Financial Services.
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West Orange, New Jersey

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Financial Services

My Interests

Enjoy trading, skiing, fishing, running, bicycling, weight lifting / bodybuilding, tennis and martial arts. Also enjoy music and play piano (both classical, jazz & rock), chess and extensive International travel.

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Eric Zuckerman has joined on May 20, 2010

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Trader Screen offers a top line trading Advisory Service that assists individuals with trading long and short term Currency, Stock, and Commodity options as well as very diversified types of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) focusing on, but not limited to, International Funds.

The goal is to consistently minimize risk and maximize (potentially unlimited) profits.

Trader Screen has been trading since 1994 and had started by trading only straight commodity futures contracts.

Due to the large risk associated with straight commodity futures contracts, Trader Screen now only trades stock and commodity OPTIONS and ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds). Trader Screen provides trade recommendations to clients all over the US as well as overseas.

For Details:

Also operates a large and rapidly expanding online business that assists / coaches individuals in building their own Internet / online businesses that tap into the very rapidly growing Internet Marketing based Health & Wellness Industry.

Why start your own business?
Read this article: "Things Are Very Different This Time"

The business, Modern Health, also markets natural herbal health products through a diversified online store.

Business Idea Information can be found at:

Enjoying life is about more than money!
What good is money without your health?
Protein Shakes, Multivitamins and weight control formulas are just some of the items that increase cell activity & promote overall health.

Quality natural herbal products give you more energy, manage your weight & improve your general health. Also available are the best skin, hair and personal care products on the market.

Herbalife products are designed to help you look good & feel even better!
Everything is doctor formulated, safe for everyone & comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Online store:

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Eric Zuckerman
Name: Eric Zuckerman
Location: West Orange,New Jersey,United States
Job Title: President
Company: Trader Screen

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