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Nina Hines is currently living in Thornton, Colorado, works in "An Xtreme Clean" and is interested in Services.
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Thornton, Colorado

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An Xtreme Clean is a family owned and operated business that is striving to succeed by hard work you can rely on. Working together as a family gives us the opportunity to spend more time together and still have a thriving business.

An Xtreme Clean is dedicated to making our customers happy, by offering great services at a fair price, and without the risk of new people going in and out of your home or business. Instead of never knowing who will be be doing the work, we hope to become your friends that just so happen to clean for you.

An Xtreme Clean uses a wide variety of cleaning supplies and tools to insure that no matter how tough, or simple the job, everything comes out Xtreme Clean without damage to your belongings. We even off \"GREEN\" products, upon your request, to help keep our planet healthy, while not having to sacrifice the clean you\'re looking for.

An Xtreme Clean isn\'t looking to become a big company. We want to keep things small, manageable, and simple. No need to pay big prices to pay for a big name. Instead, we just want to impress the people we have, and keep them coming back month after month. We offer just about every service you need, or want, and our pricing is calculated based off your square footage or your personal needs and requests. No need for surprises.

In a world where life can be a little crazy between work, kids, and home, An Xteme Clean is here to help make sure you still have time to have fun. Let US focus on the little things, so YOU can focus on life.

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Nina Hines
Name: Nina Hines
Location: Thornton,Colorado,United States
Company: An Xtreme Clean

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Nina Hines
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