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About Irma Sirvinskaite

Irma Sirvinskaite is currently living in Toronto, Ontario, working as a Criminal & Copyright Lawyer and is interested in Legal Services.
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Job Title

Criminal & Copyright Lawyer


Toronto, Ontario

Categories of Interest

Legal Services

My Interests

Handling criminal and copyright cases

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Irma Sirvinskaite has joined on Mar 30, 2010

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Irma Sirvinskaite
Barrister & Solicitor
Toronto, Ontario
Mobile: (647) 501-3852

Professional Licenses:

Member of the Ontario Bar, 2010


Criminal Law:

Criminal Lawyer, Toronto, 2010 - present
Practicing as a sole practitioner
Representing clients facing various criminal charges
Assisting criminal lawyers on various criminal matters: set dates, bail
hearings, pleas, judicial pre-trials, legal research

Articling student at the Criminal Law Office, Toronto, 2008-2010
Worked for five sole practitioners
Adopted an appropriate approach to resolve cases; provided legal advice to
clients in how to deal with their case
Did an extensive amount of legal research; excelled in finding unique
cases; prepared an 11b) Charter application with factum - the judge ruled
in favour of this application by staying the charges
Attended various courthouses for the set dates, and judicial pre-trials,
wrote various application records, ran a trial, prepared an appeal
application for a Provincial offence matter
Interviewed witnesses, and clients

Copyright Law:

Copyright Lawyer, Toronto, 2010 - present
Practicing as a sole practitioner
Knowledgeable in copyright infringements, various copyright issues,
chorographic works protection, copyright registration, unlocatable owner

Legal Research Assistant to the General Counsel of the Copyright Board of
Canada - Summer 2007
Analyzed and updated unlocatable owners\' files, drafted legal memorandum,
researched, and addressed clients\' questions
Mastered the Copyright Act of Canada and foreign copyright laws

Legal Research Assistant for Daniel J. Gervais, Associate Professor,
Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, March 2007 to April 2008
Compared the American copyright legislation to Canadian legislation
Identified and analyzed empirical nature of copyright lawsuits in US
Researched with two search engines Westlaw and Quicklaw

Other Employment Highlights:

Legal Research Assistant for Michael D. Behiels, Full Professor
History Department, University of Ottawa, Summer 2005 to January
Researched, analyzed, and summarized legal articles, books, and
cases and updated bibliography for the project on Canadian
Federalism and Canada\'s Approach to International Instruments of
Human Rights, 1948-1982
Researched, analyzed, and summarized legal cases, articles, and
books on Official Language Rights in Canada, and, wrote the research
paper to be used by Professor to edit Chapter One of Professor
Joseph E. Magnet\'s book on the Language Rights published in 1995

Assistant to the journal entitled Revue Gnrale de Droit (DRC
4706), 2005-2006
Edited and proofread articles to be published in the journal
Wrote eight book reviews, verified references and communicated with
authors in case of need to correct citations


National Program (L.L.L.-LL.B.) - 2007-2008
Law School of University of Ottawa

License in Civil Law (L.L.L.) - 2003-2006
Law School of University of Ottawa

Bachelor of Arts with concentration in History - 2001-2003
University of Ottawa

Career Highlights and Achievements:

Manuscript on Moral Rights will be published in the Journal of
International Media and Entertainment Law
One of the book reviews was published in the international journal, Revue
Gnrale de Droit (Vol. 36 n. 3, 2006)
Nominated one of the best students for academic year 2002-2003
Made a 24 minute documentary film

Quick Profile Summary

Irma Sirvinskaite
Name: Irma Sirvinskaite
Location: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Criminal & Copyright Lawyer

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