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Willy Chu is currently living in Richmond, British Columbia, and is interested in Other, Retail, Telecommunications.
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Richmond, British Columbia

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Other, Retail, Telecommunications

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I started out as a Store Manager at the Group Connect in 1998 when the company began operations with only 4 locations. By 1999 I was promoted to District Manager, in 2002 I was call into the office to work on inventories, marketing and actively participated in the expansion and success of the Group Connect:
Vancouver: Metropolis; Coquitlam Centre; Lougheed Mall; Guildford Town Centre; Pacific
Victoria: Mayfair Centre
Calgary: Market Mall; Chinook Centre; TD Square; Southcentre Mall
Edmonton: West Edmonton Mall; Telus Plaza North; West Edmonton Mall (Phase 1
Acquire 7 more locations in Vancouver from other dealer
Acquire 3 more locations, 2 in Vancouver and 1 in Calgary from other dealer
Acquire 1 location in Calgary from other dealer

Store Opening Responsibilities:

The initial store planning, scouting, negotiations, supervision of construction and grand openings that met scheduled targets.
An analysis of each locations surroundings to ascertain likely demographic concerns and hiring needs retail stores and kiosks.
The prompt hiring and development process that required swift identification and retention only of staff showing potential in achieving excellence in performances.
The prompt hiring and development process that required swift identification and retention only of management showing the initiative, drive and commitment to excellence.
The installation of POS systems and the related computer networks.
Orderly stocking of the inventory and store set up.

Field Responsibilities and Duties:

Staff meetings to enhance lines of communications, expectations, concerns, and ideas.
Constantly monitoring sales performances versus sales budget in real time.
Ensuring that each location had enough stock on hand at appropriate seasonal levels.
Training, development, monitoring of sales staff in achieving performance excellence.
Working closely with management team in achieving company sales and performance.
Timely staff and management performance reviews and evaluations.
Discipline and termination of staff and management.
Review weekly sales reports.
Ensuring in-store appearance and marketing met expectations.
Attended various sales, staffing and technical workshops.

Operational Responsibilities and Strategic Planning:

Strength/weakness analysis in staff planning versus demographic and sales needs.
Worked closely with manufacturers in devising sales training and targets for products.
Developed brand awareness, key to sales success of company and products sold.
Introduce new products with proper training and information.
Implement and develop new policies.
Purchase and balance inventories to maximize inventories level and cash flow.
Worked on individual sales plans for products according to expectations or demographic.
Worked closely with suppliers, manufacturers and service depots for better pricing.
Negotiated with the manufacturers for promotions that ranged from $25,000 to $300,000 with an annual average of $1,000,000.
Worked with company office staff and management to accomplish company excellence.
Compiling monthly P&L reports and other reports, tracking progress.
Fostered a corporate culture and identity that encouraged personal achievement and team work contributing to overall company success.
Annual Telus Road Map: where a years sales plan was planned and executed thereafter.
Organized the annual management trip to Las Vegas CES and CTIA shows.
Build great relationships with: RIM; HTC; Motorola; LG; Samsung; Nokia; Microcel; Amicroe; Hitfar; Cellular Wholeselling; BlueAnt, Plantronic.

CELLUALR ONE: 1992-1998

I started off at Cellular One, helping the proprietor build his business from the ground up. The experiences learned and honed here with my education built the foundation for which I successfully applied at the Group Connect.

Career Philosophy:

I believe that in carefully selecting, training, developing and mentoring the staff and management, a positive and constructive job environment and corporate culture can be built and maintained. Each and every employee and manager cultured in wanting to achieve individual excellence and contribute to team excellence creates a dynamic team synergy that can overcome any obstacle. Staff development is also crucial as by refining staff behaviors it maintains a pool of staff that also can be used to replace other vacancies. However, timely staffing appraisals and possibly discipline or termination are also fact in staffing developments.
I also believe that the needs and wants of the marketplace can be at times fickle or moody and require constant attention. Each demographic or location requires specific attention and the appropriate staffing and training to fulfill its requirements. By optimally matching demographic and location to training and staffing, sales objectives can be achieved. The balance of inventories and cash flow will also play a significant role in maximizing profitability. By possessing the ability to speak multiple languages and having lived across Canada in different neighborhoods grants me an insight that aids in recognizing opportunities that can be fulfilled.


Bachelors Degree in General Studies, University Brandon
Electrical Technologist Diploma, Assinniboine Community College

References available upon request

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Willy Chu
Name: Willy Chu
Location: Richmond,British Columbia,Canada

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