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About David Lovelace

David Lovelace is a Real Estate & Bus. Note BUYER and works at the company Financial Charter.
David Lovelace is located in staten island, New York and is interested in Business for Sale, Construction, Real Estate.
Real Estate & Bus. Note BUYER
Financial Charter
staten island, New York
Business for Sale, Construction, Real Estate
My leisure time is spent reading and researching the human experience. I strongly believe that life's purpose is our spiritual evolution, and at the most fundamental level that all life is inter-connected. I love meeting people of like-mind and discussing soul centered evolution from the different religious and philosophical view points people have. I also enjoy playing Chess. I have a 1750 rating on which is mid range level. When I'm not searching for or buying notes I'm reading about spiritual or philosophical paths.
Dec 29, 2009
2010 - PRESENT:Real Estate & Business Note BUYER: I buy Privately held Business and Mortgage Carry Back Notes, Acct. Receivables, Annuities, Lottery Winnings, Mobile Home notes and security Instruments generated by personal property of all kinds. I have in-dept experience with note structuring of all kinds.

1988-2009: I spent 21 years in Property Management, Before retiring I managed multi-dwelling and commercial properties at Woodbury Properties LLC. responsibilities included training and supervision of maintenance and office staff, rent collection, coordination of Unit maintenance, unit rentals, vetting of potential tenants. During this time I became a Real Estate Sales Person, which I which worked part- time through out this time frame.

1978 -1989: I operated a food cart for 11 years in the Bronx before getting into Real Estate management, Hot Dogs. Chips and soda. It actually wasn\'t a bad business but I saw Real Estate as having more profit potential and I was right.

EDUCATION: Attended the NYC public school system, graduated Morris High School, received my B.A. from Jefferson Community College in Gouvernuer NY. As a teenager I learned to install carpet and tile which I worked at off and on as a teenager.

200K is my ceiling for the notes I buy, the minimum would depends on the structure of a particular note. I pay a generous fee for referrals, it only takes giving my number to someone to earn money, anywhere from a couple hundred to well over a thousand dollars if a sale results from a referral. Brokers or note owners can contact me direct for a free evaluation or quote.

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Who is David Lovelace?

David Lovelace is a person living in staten island, New York and is interested in Business for Sale, Construction, Real Estate.

What is the address and contact information of David Lovelace?

David Lovelace lives in staten island, New York.

Where can I find more information about David Lovelace?

You can find more information about David Lovelace by click here.

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Name: David Lovelace
Location: staten island,New York,United States
Job Title: Real Estate & Bus. Note BUYER
Company: Financial Charter

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