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Jennifer Kaiser is currently living in Florida, working as a Partner in "Rent-Instead" and is interested in For Sale, For the Home, Home Based Biz.
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For Sale, For the Home, Home Based Biz

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Would you like to make a little extra money? Do you have items that are sitting around the house that go unused for long periods of time? Why not put them to use? Interested in saving money by renting instead of buying? Listings are free so why not go ahead and give Rent-Instead a try? Tap your assets and let your things make you money! And while youre at it, you may find something that you just have to rent for yourself.

Rent-Instead is a vibrant, new rental and purchasing marketplace established by ordinary people to thrive in this global economy. Rent-Insteads business strategy is based on Free Listings along with a reputation for having a robust process for finding, renting and closing rental transactions. We match individuals and businesses with items they need, or simply want to sample for the fun of it! Review the wares of our community. You will find that it allows choosing from a vast array of rentals, the extent of which dwarfs what has been available previously. Our vision is that of a sustainable, environmentally-conscious place of commerce where everyone can earn money from their belongings while making the most of earths precious resources.

Customers of Rent-Instead, both Owners and Renters, can rent anything in the U.S. at a cost and convenience that cannot be matched by traditional rental agencies. The key to our success is ensuring our storefront is intuitive and streamlined, allowing people of all backgrounds the opportunity to make money and save money.

We usher our customers through the process from rental request to final transaction closure. We offer options beyond rental, allowing customers to try before they buy, including, for example, the ability to purchase or rent to own items where an Owner provides these options. We also support varied delivery options from shipping, to Owner delivery and pickup, to Renter pick up and return. This makes Rent-Instead the most flexible, customer friendly rental site on the Internet.

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Jennifer Kaiser
Name: Jennifer Kaiser
Location: Florida,United States
Job Title: Partner
Company: Rent-Instead

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Jennifer Kaiser
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