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Jennie Hower
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About Jennie Hower

Jennie Hower is currently living in Allentown, Pennsylvania, working as a Director in "Healthy Life" and is interested in Work from Home.
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Allentown, Pennsylvania

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started working from home over three years ago. A residual income that I want my family to have in the present economy.There is no stability in the corporate world anymore. Life can change on you in one day, & is a comfort knowing I have an income I worked for that will keep on coming month after month no matter what life throws at you. Everyone needs a Plan B. My husband has been laid off 4x in 4 years and enough is enough that someone else can hold your future. We are now going to hold on to our own destiny without anyone else interfering. Hence, my favorite song is My Life by Bon Jovi

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Jennie Hower has joined on Nov 27, 2009

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Jennie Hower
Name: Jennie Hower
Location: Allentown,Pennsylvania,United States
Job Title: Director
Company: Healthy Life

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