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Jack Cowles is currently living in Groves, Texas, working as an Owner in "Project Life" and is interested in Consulting.
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Groves, Texas

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Research. It really does not matter what type, but I am especially well with human behaviors and reactions to manipulations with very subtle almost unseen gestures or key words. I am a superb problem solver in aspects to this gift. I have a very unique understanding of the oppositions thought process. Opposition being the "mark". Whom ever I need to make happy or change their mind on an issue or simply give money.

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Jack Cowles has joined on Nov 26, 2009

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Mr. Jack Noel Cowles
6949 Washington St
Groves, TX 77619
(409)540-2404Bottom of Form
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To increase profit for both the company and myself by utilizing my
skills as an excellent problem solver, along with my professional manner,
and possessing a great understanding of peoples wants and needs. These
traits insure that all of my customers are completely satisfied thus
assuring and they choose my company to meet all of their professional
needs. This practice and talent guarantees to have a loyal and faithful
customer that will return to the company for all future business needs.
Despite the risking of possibility sounding g \"a bit eager\", I am a
company/bosses \"dream come true\". No matter where I go I will undoubtedly
be a very valuable asset to that company. As well as a tremendous find
for any company. That is just the plain and simple truth. My history has
proven that time after time, and that will continue to be the way I
operate. I will make a great fit to the team. I have absolute confidence
stating this, because that is how it will be. I am the man that will not
only be great for the company, but I will help make the people around me
better. All the while meeting new people, learning new techniques, and
putting said techniques to use . I will be the one that got away if you
do not take the time to meet me.

Oct 2005 to present Scarborough Industries 8780 N HWY 87 Orange TX
I held the responsibility of marketing and selling jobs. I was
supervisor over twelve employees in my crew, and ran a very efficient
highly motivated with superb team moral simply by doing what I do, and
that is lead by example, always keep your cool, and set up a very
efficient team work flow. In this position it is absolutely critical for
me to ensure we stayed within the budget, the work was done in a
professional and timely manner, and to keep the customer so happy that
they chose my team that complaints and unhappy customers are a non issue.
I have a gift to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied no
matter the case. It is just like that.
March 2002 through 2005 Action Home and Lawn 6609 32nd St Groves TX 77619:
I owned and operated a very successful ground maintenance company that I
built from the ground up. I personally sold 87 contracts and had a total
of five employees plus myself. I sold the business after hurricane Rita
hit for a substantial profit.
August 1998 to February 2004 Walgreen Pharmacy at 15 different locations
from Port Neches to Tempe AZ:
I am the only District Pharmacy Technician/assistant manager Walgreen
had ever had at the time. I was responsible for ordering inventory to
managing inventory. I had 26 techs directly under me. This is when I
shine. I was informed by corporate when they came to meet me that I held
the highest brand to generic conversion the company has ever seen, and
wanted my secret. So, I was asked to put on a presentation to other techs,
managers, and RPH the simple sales techniques I was using to help the
company save money. I was asked to move around a few times to go and train
new staff at new stores. My real specialty was problem solving. Whether it
is dealing with an insurance company, workman\'s compensation, or an upset
customer; I was the man for the job. I would have the matter resolved in
moments leaving both parties involved satisfied and coming back.
I graduated from Port Neches- Groves High school in 1993. I then
attended Lamar University in Beaumont TX. There I completed two years of
academics and then took time off of school to go work for Walgreens. I am
now in school again taking online classes from Texas A&M University-
Commerce. I chose to do this to complete my Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration with a minor in Social Sciences. I have only 18
months before my next graduation ceremony.


. Terry Gubbins -District Pharmacy Supervisor- Walgreens (281) 225-
. Don Hounker - Regional Manager Walgreens Houston/South (281)225-0077
. Nathan Obi Uzodimna - Walgreen RPH Houston address
. Michael Banyai- Walgreen RPH (713)781-4314
. Erney Hunt-Scout Master;Boy Scouts of America (409) 962-2610
. Bonnie Hollier -Defense Attorney (409) 728-6800
. Terry Doyle Retired Lawyer or Peter Doyle his brother Please forgive
me if I do not list the last two gentleman\'s information

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Jack Cowles
Name: Jack Cowles
Location: Groves,Texas,United States
Job Title: owner
Company: Project Life

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Jack Cowles
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