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DeWayne  McCulley (Diabetes Engineer)
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Dewayne Mcculley (diabetes Engineer) is currently living in Webster, New York, working as a Diabetes Educator & Author in "Death to Diabetes LLC" and is interested in Biotechnology, Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz, Presentations, Products, Work from Home.

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Diabetes Educator & Author


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Webster, New York

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Biotechnology, Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz, Presentations, Products, Work from Home

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Diabetes science, nutritional science, health coaching, medical research, wellness workshops, training healthcare professionals and health advocates, marketing

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DeWayne McCulley (Diabetes Engineer) has joined on Nov 25, 2009

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Survived a near-death diabetic coma with a blood glucose level of 1337 (more than 1200 points above normal). Used my 30 years of experience in engineering and biochemistry to wean off the insulin. Then helped other diabetics as a volunteer of a diabetic support group for the American Diabetes Association. With encouragement from several churches, my mother, and my daughter, I wrote the top-selling book, Death to Diabetes. The book explains my diabetes experience, the root causes of diabetes, and how to beat the disease -- based on my 6-stage model, the 5 "super" foods, the 5 "dead" foods/chemicals (to avoid), the 7 wellness factors, diabetes medical science, nutritional science, and research from more than 200 clinical studies. Conducting online training for health coaches, dietitians, diabetes educators, naturopaths, wellness consultants, etc.
I am an engineering graduate of Pennsylvania State University, worked for Hughes Aircraft and Xerox Corp. for 25+ years, and was a math tutor volunteer for the Urban League for more than 15 years. I grew up in a small town in Western Pennsylvania, where I was blessed with strong parents and great teachers, who gave me the hope and the vision to eventually help others.

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DeWayne  McCulley (Diabetes Engineer)
Name: DeWayne McCulley (Diabetes Engineer)
Location: Webster,New York,United States
Job Title: Diabetes Educator & Author
Company: Death to Diabetes LLC

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DeWayne McCulley (Diabetes Engineer)
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