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About Cairine Evans

Cairine Evans is currently living in Wisconsin, working as a Coach Cairine and is interested in Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz, Work from Home.
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Coach Cairine



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Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz, Work from Home

My Interests

Gardening, Golf, GiGi's (horses), Nutrition, Energy work.

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Cairine Evans has joined on Nov 25, 2009

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I\'m a believer in whole wellness. To that end, I became a certified health coach as well as a certified nutritional counselor. Since we are all beings made up of energy, I also became certified in several energy modalities.

We are what we eat. If we put junk into our bodies..guess what? Our bodies start to malfunction in various ways from simple indigestion to many more serious problems. In today\'s situations, we need to supplement our foods, as so much of what we eat is no more than empty calories. Before I recommend any product, I have to see legitimate scientific data.

Let me ask you, what are you doing to protect your family from germs,
viruses, and bacteria? Do you find that you are having colds and flu bugs
at your home?

If so, I have a simple solution for you. It\'s much like having a special \"health insurance\"

Watch the video(s) and see for yourself.

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Cairine Evans
Name: Cairine Evans
Location: Wisconsin,United States
Job Title: Coach Cairine

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Cairine Evans
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