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About Sholeh Mesbah

Sholeh Mesbah is currently living in Troy, Michigan, working as an Independent Artist and Designer in "Zeba Collection" and is interested in For Sale.
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Independent Artist and Designer



Troy, Michigan

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I am from Michigan. I have always loved art and working with my hands.

I started out with colored pencil and water color drawings 14 years ago.
About 8 years ago I became interested in stained glass. I have designed and made stained glass outdoor light inserts, kitchen cabinet and stand alone panels, boxes, picture frames and 3D object using stained leaded and copper foil techniques.
While working on stained glass, I became interested in working with metals which led into making jewelry. Now making jewelry is my primary passion.

I have fallen in love with making jewelry and have been hooked on it since. I have taken classes at the local community college and continue to try new ideas and materials every day.

I like working with silver and copper. I also like to work with pearls and semi precious stones.

There are three things that I love about making jewelry.

** I don\'t like to make the same thing twice. The journey for me is the creative process. To be able to create something new every time. With so many materials and methods available for making jewelry, I feel I can create a unique item for the rest of my life.

** I enjoy showing off my creations. It is easy to show off your jewelry, it does not require a gallery; all you have to do is wear it. Every time, someone asks me \'Where did you buy that\', I get a great joy from saying \'I made it myself\'.

** Last but not least favorite, is being able to express myself in many ways. I can be serious, funky, colorful, contemporary, classic or just playful.

I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I enjoyed making them.

I am a non-smoker and live in a non-smoking home.

You can find more pictures of my work at

My Blog address

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You can buy custom greeting cards and one of a kind prints of my photos at

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Sholeh Mesbah
Name: Sholeh Mesbah
Location: Troy,Michigan,United States
Job Title: Independent Artist and Designer
Company: Zeba Collection

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Sholeh Mesbah
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