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Mary Ann Carrington is currently living in Alaska, working as a Sales Manager in "Global Check" and is interested in Services.
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Mary Ann Carrington has joined on Nov 23, 2009

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Mary Ann Carrington

2535 Nottingham Lane ( Naperville, Illinois 60565
(630) 853-6283


Results oriented Sr. Marketing / Sales / Management Leader with a
distinguished career building organizations, developing management teams
and significantly improving operational performance in Financial Services,
Banking, Technology, Telecom and Health Care. Demonstrated exceptional
leadership abilities with the capacity to build, train and mentor highly
productive marketing, sales and operational management teams. Change agent
with outstanding strategic vision, leadership, communication and
organizational skills, which have proven to be critical assets in
developing a positive work environment, managing people, and exceeding
company goals. Possesses a unique blend of expertise in technical
knowledge, growth strategy development, strategic business planning,
coordinating operations and establishing/leveraging existing partnerships.

More than 15 years of progressive leadership and management experience

|Business Development |Sales Management |
|Entrepreneurship |Key Client Development/Retention |
|Change Agent Catalyst |Team Building |
|Turn-Around Leadership |Recruiting/Staffing |
|Partnerships Development |Mentoring and Coaching |
|Project Management Portfolio |Performance Management |
|Marketing |eBusiness Development |
|P&L/Budget |Marketing Technology Deployment |
|Collateral development |eCommerce Solutions, CRM/SFA |
|Strategic Business Plan |Portal & Web Marketing / Analytics|
|Vendor Relations/Contract | |
|Negotiations |Database Development |
|Brand/Product Marketing |Process Performance Improvements |
|Advertising | |
|International Development | |
|Experience | |


Financial Services , Naperville, IL
2002 - Present
Commercial, Investment and Residential Lender

Sales, Sales Management, Call Center Manager
Business and Channel Development, Marketing, Sales, and Operations
Management. Revenue: $150 million in production year to date.
Recognition: Sales Rookie of the Year, President\'s Gold Club. Reports: 3
Indirect Reports: 30
. Developed strategic relationships. Researched and developed
relationships with national banks, credit unions, corporate
accounts and associations to do all of their FHA loans. Increased
lead generation that resulted in doubling sales within 2 years.
. Developed a new product to capture an under serviced market.
Calling on my various financial institutions, saw a product niche
that could be developed that would bring in additional revenues.
. Developed a marketing strategy to increase sales revenue. Designed
a cross-market strategy that allowed two divergent markets the
ability to build off each other to accelerate sales. Developed the
program, secured stakeholder buy in with Fortune 500 organization,
and implemented the strategy within 1 month. Resulted in generating
new sales revenue.
. Discovered marketplace opportunity to drive new sales. Developed
strategic marketing plan and led commissioned sales person teams
from divergent industries to implement plan. The groups have
achieved a 15% customer growth year over year.
. Developed outbound call center for reverse mortgage and purchase
leads. Developed call center for outbound calls contacting 100,000
customers per month using a robot dialer. Developed script,
trained personnel and co marketing pieces with a 11% response rate
and a 40% closure rate.

Account Executive (Washington Mutual- Fortune 100 provider of residential
loans to B2B customers)

New Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Sales Support, Strategic
Planning. $50 million a year in Closed Business. Recognition: Sales Rookie
of the Year.
. Challenged with increasing revenue in a declining marketplace.
Researched, analyzed, and evaluated current competitive situation,
formulated 3-tier sales strategy, and led implementation of program
with Customers. Increased sales by 30% and established long-term
. Faced with developing new revenue stream. Conducted through survey
and assessment the identification of key customers to align with to
net the greatest revenue return within the shortest amount of time
and delivery cost. Identified customer needs and developed all the
marketing/sales tools necessary to take new customers from $0
revenue to $10 million within the 2nd month.

ACXIOM, Chicago, IL
2001 - 2002
Leading Provider of Computer based Marketing Information and Direct Mail.

Sales Strategist, Lead Generation, and Direct Marketing
Sales Support, CRM design, Marketing, Operations Management and Lead
Generation. Direct Reports: 1 Indirect Reports: (ran cross functional
. Challenged with increasing market share. Within 30 days developed a
successful marketing entrance strategy to get sales team past the
gatekeepers and to realign from mass marketing to 1to1 marketing.
Developed strategies, collateral by vertical market and CRM tool to
eliminate duplicate sales effort. Exceeded the revenue objective by
. Recognized the need and led the redesign of the company\'s business
processes to drive sales growth. Led a cross-functional technology
team in the evaluation, purchase, and implementation of a new CRM
business system and personally redesigned the company\'s business
processes. Changes were implemented under budget, maintained
headcount, and led to a 22% increase in sales dollars within the
first year of implementation.

Subsidiary of Rockwell International and first to market call center
Reports: 2 Indirect Reports: 15

Developer of new Sales Channel, E-commerce, Leads Database, Sales
Management, Brand and Product Marketing, B2B Direct Mail Campaign, Call
Center Manager
Direct Reports: 2 Indirect Reports: Cross-functional teams including
engineering and outsourced vendors.
. Faced with supporting the establishment of a new sales channel to
drive incremental revenue. Within 90 days conducted research into best
practices, determined customer needs, developed the operational
infrastructure for the delivery of products, developed all the content
for the web site, formulated all sales / marketing support materials,
and re-defined roles and responsibilities of the sales force. Exceed
first 6 months goal by 150%.

NEC TECHNOLOGIES, United States 1999-1996
$1Billion manufacturer and marketer of computers, multimedia displays and
imaging products.

Director, Market Research, Databases, and E-commerce
Effected market research and strategic market planning for all corporate
product lines. Responsible for refining product features over a $1 billion
base of products including new product rollout. Worked with ad agencies and
outside market research firms, taking core initiatives and developing
marketing and advertising campaigns. Developed data collection programs,
designed research database, and created marketing models at product and
country levels.
. Challenged with disconnected and ineffective information in a
commoditizing market place that was negatively impacting
profits. Identified key product features and marketing
infrastructure to net biggest bang for the buck. Armed all
levels of personnel from engineering to Board of Directors with
actionable information including specific product feature
enhancement, new product development, and accessed the economy
as a whole to anticipate manufacturing production levels for
just in time product delivery. Reviewed and implemented a plan
that monitored all advertising mediums to monitor effectiveness
based on product level and vertical market. Established
benchmark research to document current status and where
organization needed to be to achieve maximum sales. Impacted a
2-3% market share per quarter on a $1 billion base while keeping
costs in check.

ADVENTIST HEALTH SYSTEMS, United States 1993 - 1996
Large network of hospitals, clinics, urgent care facilities.

Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer
Direct Reports: 15 Indirect Reports: 150
Responsible for management of five operating entities (Private Duty, Health
Care at Home, Hospice, High Tech Home Infusion, and Durable Medical
Equipment) including strategic and operational planning and budgeting,
sales, marketing, administration, human resources, operations, information
systems, cost control, public relations and regulatory compliance. Major
management directive assigned by President and Board of Directors to re-
engineer two loss units and revitalize three stagnant units.
. Turned around unprofitable businesses. Served as a \'change agent\' to
completely revitalize 5 financially failing organizations and mentor
150 employees to embrace the massive changes. Re-egineered /
restructured the companies realigning them based on market needs and
cost efficiencies and made a 200% profit improvement in 6 months.

Marketing Director for Hinsdale Hospital\'s Urgent Care Facility - Fund
Responsibility for development of organization\'s first strategic marketing
plan, and establishment and management of professional marketing function
to promote Bolingbrook Medical Center, Workmen\'s Compensation, and
physicians, and all fund raising activities to revitalize the facility..
. Recognized marketplace opportunity to increase sales and brand
identify. Developed comprehensive strategic plan that encompassed
analyzing needs and locations of all customers and referring
channels. Reassessed product content and realigned to market needs
and built the sales team and methodology to grow the volume.
Developed advertising mediums and sales support that were consistent
with the channels, which impacted a 10% annual growth year over

AMERITECH SERVICES, Hoffman Estates, IL 1984 - 1993
Hired in accelerated Marketing program with 6 month marketing jobs
throughout the entire company including managing union employees. Direct
Reports: up to 65 Union/ non-union employees, and commissioned sales
Indirect Reports: multiple vendors and cross functional teams

Manager Customer Service/Sales Center
. Needed to improve customer service and sales productivity. Assessed
current situation, developed and implemented sales plan that
incorporated best practices from Fortune 100 sales contests and
mentoring/coaching programs. Conducted sales training presentations
that elevated per unit sales call that moved them from last place in
the entire region to first place in under 2 months. Our department
became the role model to follow for all the customer service centers
for optimum sales and service throughout the organization.

Marketing Liaison / IT
. Needed to design and develop the first ever service agreement
between Information Systems and the Marketing Department to insure
service consistency on multi million dollar database platforms.
Identified service levels, escalation steps and financial penalties
departments to minimize both the financial and service
implications in less than 3 months. Orchestrated stakeholders buy in
and cut outage time frames by 50% saving the company millions of
dollars in lost revenue.

Manager, Small/Medium Business Channel
. Increased revenue through productivity improvements. Through
research and analysis designed a formula that identified cost of
goods formula. When compared to account profits, this formula would
identify which accounts to let go to the competition. Implemented
across the board in less than 4 months resulted in revenue

Manager, Information Systems.
Managed system documentation, user training, and purchased
hardware/software for the company.

Manager of Forecasting
Responsible for technical databases, forecasting of plant and equipment
additions by product line to 20 years out to specific geographical area.

Manager of Market Research
Designed and implemented research design to determine product features,
advertising effectiveness, benchmarking, and new product concepts. Loaned
to staff on MIT to test new research theories to develop cross-selling
tools to improve sales,

Product Manager
Responsible for market analysis to determine customer profile, best
distribution channels, advertising selections, and analysis of competitor
products. Worked from product concept to engineering to manufacturer
selection, to initial product distribution, managing product cycle from end
to end. Negotiated million dollar vendor and supplier deals.

Other Positions:
Sales Manager, Inside and Outside Business Sales both union and non-union
employees, Manager of Special Projects and District Management Marketing


BS Degree, Marketing & Economics Elmhurst College - AAS Degree, Marketing,
College of DuPage
Anthony Robbins co-facilitator. Sales Training

Professional Certification, Management Information Systems, DePaul

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Mary Ann Carrington
Name: Mary Ann Carrington
Location: Alaska,United States
Job Title: Sales Manager
Company: Global Check

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