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Cory Geffre is currently living in South Dakota, and is interested in Other.
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Cory Geffre, a business owner, has had a lifelong passion for business. For
over 15 years, he worked as an employee and at the same time he was a
business owner with employees of his own. Through his unique experiences,
Cory realized the stark differences between the way business owners and
employees think. It was through this discovery that he was able to develop
his strategies and techniques to get business owners/employers to
understand what employees want, and also to get employees to understand the
way a business owner/employer thinks.

Cory is also a gifted author, dynamic speaker and seasoned entrepreneur.
He currently is a newspaper columnist and authors for an online magazine.
He has also made numerous appearances on both TV and radio and he has just
published his first book How to get a HUGE Pay Raise. Cory lives in
Aberdeen, South Dakota, with his wife, three kids and two dogs.

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Cory Geffre
Name: Cory Geffre
Location: South Dakota,United States

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Cory Geffre
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