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Regina Collins is currently living in Tennessee, working as an Independent Consultant and is interested in Home Based Biz, Work from Home.
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Independent Consultant

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Home Based Biz, Work from Home

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network marketing, meeting new people

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Regina Collins has joined on Nov 18, 2009

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I am an Independent Consultant with Isagenix, the world leader in nutritional cleansing,which offers unique opportunities to improve your health with nutrients, while increasing income. The healthcare industry has often been described as recession-proofpeople need to stay
healthy in good and bad economic times. Isagenix, offers five unique ways to earn money, as you and your family use premium nutritional formulas to improve your health.

I have been with this company for over a year and have seen how the products and opportunity have changed lives, including mine. They recently had a new telomere support product (Product "B") come out which has been nominated for the World's Supplement of the Year Award.

This is the first time where such an announcement has been made in the health & wellness industry. The new anti-aging science regarding Telomeres, won the the Noble Prize in Physiology, has made Isagenixs new Product B, the most advanced supplement known to mankind in this day and age. With the telomere science quickly evolving, it is no surprise that this is the year that the world has decided to vote on a The Worlds Supplement of the Year Award.

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Regina Collins
Name: Regina Collins
Location: Tennessee,United States
Job Title: Independent Consultant

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Regina Collins
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