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Nanette Culpepper
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Nanette Culpepper is currently living in Lexington, North Carolina, and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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Lexington, North Carolina

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I was a single mom working two jobs. My kids were always with a sitter and never with me, it killed me. But what could I do it was go to work and feed them or stay at home, spend time with them and let them go hungry. I choose to feed them. They didn\'t even know who I was then I found FHTM and my life changed now I wanna help you change your life too. Give me half an hour and I\'ll show you how I did it and how you can do it too.

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Nanette Culpepper
Name: Nanette Culpepper
Location: Lexington,North Carolina,United States

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Nanette Culpepper
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