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Liz Hazelmyer is currently living in Springdale, Washington, working as an Independant Business Owner in "Ameriplan" and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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Independant Business Owner



Springdale, Washington

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Home Based Biz

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I am interested in helping people save money on healthcare, dental, vision, shopping, legal and roadside services.

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Liz Hazelmyer has joined on Nov 17, 2009

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Hi, I\'m Liz Hazelmyer. I\'m passionate about saving money. One of my \"hot buttons\" is healthcare. After watching Michael Moore\'s movie \"Sicko\", I realized that we are one of the very few industrialized nations that turns their backs on their citizens when it comes to healthare. I had once had Ameriplan through an employer. But at that time it was the Basic Dental program. After losing my job, I knew I needed some kind of coverage and also a way to earn income. So I decided to become a Independant Business Owner for Ameriplan. I immediately signed up for the Total Health plan.

Ameriplan has added a lot of ways to save since I had the Basic Dental plan a number of years ago. Now you can save on shopping and there\'s a Legal and Roadside plan. I am very excited about being able to help other save in all areas of their lives.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you need to save on anything: Medical, Dental, Legal, Automotive. I\'m here to help.

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Liz Hazelmyer
Name: Liz Hazelmyer
Location: Springdale,Washington,United States
Job Title: Independant Business Owner
Company: Ameriplan

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Liz Hazelmyer
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