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Sheila Poynter
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About Sheila Poynter

Sheila Poynter is currently living in Vero Beach, Florida, working as a National Sales Director in "Ameriplan®" and is interested in Work from Home.
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National Sales Director


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Vero Beach, Florida

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Work from Home

My Interests

I help people save money on their dental, medical and other services. I also can show people it is possible to have the freedom to work from home.

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Sheila Poynter has joined on Nov 15, 2009

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Ameriplan® is the number one savings and protection plan company in the United States. We’ve been in business for 20 years. We have the hottest savings and protection plans available in the United States today with virtually no competition. Our plans include things like Medical, Dental, Vision, Roadside Assistance, Free Legal Services, Identity Theft Protection, Credit Repair, Debt Relief, savings up to 50% or more on dining, shopping, entertainment and automotive care and SO MUCH MORE!

Our company has literally revolutionized the industry by making a fantastic and affordable plan available to everyone living in the United States.

I'm excited to help you get started working from home with Ameriplan® as well.

I have been with Ameriplan® since May 2011 and I can tell you it is the best choice I have ever made! After we each lost a parent within 3 months to the day of each other and also caring for my mother after the removal of a brain tumor I was looking for an opportunity that allowed me to work at home without having to keep products in stock, have to buy a certain amount of products monthly etc. to be make money. I had been on Disability for 12 years and wanted to feel like a viable, vibrant person again.

Ameriplan® has done that for me and it can for you as well. I began once again to actively job seeking but was getting no replies except for scam/fraud type programs. I was not going to go back to fast food or convenience stores and Keith would not have it!

I was occasionally receiving emails from an Ameriplan® representative in my area and I looked over everything but just wasn't sure. These emails continued to arrive but as I said I just was not sure. Then one day online job searching I came across an advertisement on a work at home blog, and well the rest is history so to speak. I requested an interview and received a phone call. Sure I was hesitant like most of us are however after wonderful phone calls and a little bit of research I took the plunge!

Ameriplan® is an awesome opportunity, the company and its services virtually sell themselves! In this time in our country there are so many people that really need these services. They are a service everyone can benefit from every day.

You can reach me by the following methods:
Cellphone 772-353-6117 (leave a detailed message and best time to contact you)
Skype: 772-410-3065 user name spoynter108
Yahoo Messenger Telecommutingtreasure
Twitter @MyHomeBizPayz
Facebook Biz/230310900359494


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Sheila Poynter
Name: Sheila Poynter
Location: Vero Beach,Florida,United States
Job Title: National Sales Director
Company: Ameriplan®

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Sheila Poynter
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