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Felix Fegurgur is currently living in Fountain, Colorado, working as a Merchant Services Professional in "CCBizPro" and is interested in Marketing, Other, Retail, Software & Services.
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Merchant Services Professional



Fountain, Colorado

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Marketing, Other, Retail, Software & Services

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Business, Technology, Marketing, Internet, Training, Tutor, Coaching, Helping People Create Change, Living Life to the Fullest, Surfing, Playing, Fishing,mentorship

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Felix Fegurgur has joined on Nov 13, 2009

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I was born on the beautiful island of Guam. My dad was in the Navy and my was a house wife. Its a funny story because both my parents are from Guam. At the time, my dad was stationed in Hawaii. So being the first born, my dad sent my mom back to Guam so I can be born there! (I must admit I really respect military wives because they have to thru alot when the men are gone.) So I lived in California,Nevada,Hawaii and Guam. It was when my dad retired and we moved back to Guam, that I got introduced to Network Marketing! Since then It totally changed my life! I just fell in with the concept of a ordinary guy like me being able to create the life that I deserve!

But there was one problem... I would have to talk to people! You see, I was very shy. So I feel blessed that Network Marketing introduced me to personal development. Now I was reading positive books,listening to motivational tapes and surrounding myself with people that encouraged me. Believed in me and saw the greatness in me! I must admit, I did struggle with my Network Marketing business. Even though my bank account didn't show it, is that I was learning and growing as a person and as a leader. You see, the battles that you fight through and the struggles you experience are what develops you into a leader. And without those struggles I would never have the success I enjoy today.

Lets Work Together As A Team
So...If you have a dream, and you are struggling to achieve it because you arent getting the right marketing training or support. I strongly encourage you to contact me.

I will see you at the top!

Felix Fegurgur

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Felix Fegurgur
Name: Felix Fegurgur
Location: Fountain,Colorado,United States
Job Title: Merchant Services Professional
Company: CCBizPro

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