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Tom Shafer is currently living in Elkton, Florida, and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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Elkton, Florida

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Home Based Biz

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I'm happy to meet new people from all across the globe. I love to meet on skype and share our experiences. Skype ID: tomshafer2 I simply love helping people that are new to trying to start a Home-Based Business. I'm 63 and have been through many HOOPS and have LEARNED many lessons. Lets connect sometime.

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Tom Shafer has joined on Nov 12, 2009

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An Introduction to Tom Shafer
Something about Myself...

There may be some people out there that might be interested in knowing about me and
how I actually got into this online business arena. If it\'s not then please scat over
to todays live post.

Ok, where should we start... name given at birth is Thomas Shafer, I was raised in northern Florida ( jacksonville ).
Lived there most of my younger years, graduated high school in 1965 and went straight into the
US Coast Guard. Served 4 years active duty and returned 4 years later to Jacksonville.

I now reside 30 miles south in the oldest city...(St. Augustine). I\'m semi-retired now and
my wife of 32 years is retired from the Postal Service. We have 2 grown children. We are avid
RV\'ers and travel the summers in our 36ft Motorhome. I\'m a diehard Miami Dolphins fan and love
the Florida Gators. I\'m also a HUGE Elvis fan, we don\'t leave home without my computer and all
my Elvis music, I have probably over 2000 Elvis recordings.

Speaking of my computer, well...I have 2 computers, a nice desktop here at home and a awesome
laptop for when we hit the road. I think I got my very first computer in 1988, WOW...were those were ZOOMINGGGGGGG...I bought my first computer just because it was the \"thing\"..
everyone was talking about them...and this Internet thing was just getting up and going.

I messed around online...really just surfing a little...I mean...come on...DIAL-UP...WAITING FOR
EVER....that stupid...dial TONE...if you could even get on...and if you might just
get KICKED off anytime...really was a experience. But glad I was there...I really respect what
we have now...I joined my first online \"venture\" in 1990, won\'t go into what it was...but...

Trust me...I made some very big mistakes, but now I have learned from those mistakes. Yeah..I
joined some of those \"get rich quick\" schemes. Yeah..I lost my butt...dreaming of making
lots of money with my new computer. I truly thought with my computer..I could make a ton of
money and it was going to be easy...WRONG!! Many trials later...more MONEY lost...

I gave up on my dream of getting rich so-called sponsors I had were a me
to join there program..spend another $50.00 and then VANISHED...GONE...and here is ole Tom..
sitting here with NO IDEA on how to promote my wasn\'t till..2004 that I actually met
a friend...a good honest guy...met him online...actually..and he got that MAKING MONEY spark
lit again under Toms butt..I\'ll never regret that year..2004..and my friend..Nick Allen..

He took me by the hand..and taught me everything I know today. He WAS the epitome of a MLM
sponsor. I owe him everything. I\'m no EXPERT by no means...I\'m no GURU..I just have learned
how to make a living online. I have learned that I must do the EXACT same thing Nick did with
me...TEACH PEOPLE...HELP PEOPLE...MENTOR PEOPLE...and if you HELP enough people GET what THEY
want...YOU\'LL get what YOU want...thats been my MOTTO since 2004.

So now that I\'m basically retired, I now spend alot of time online mentoring people who is
looking to be mentored. Who has that DESIRE to change there lives. Now ANYONE can make a living
online...if they so DESIRE. My teaching methods has been working for me for can work
for you. So as such...I\'ll be sharing lots of information with you about things that I have
learned along this journey. You\'ll get the most HONEST & ETHICAL information I can share.

So...thats about the whole ball of wax...I do invite you to leave me a COMMENT and please do
introduce yourself to me.

To Your Success!

Tom Shafer

SKYPE ME: tomshafer2 (anytime)

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Tom Shafer
Name: Tom Shafer
Location: Elkton,Florida,United States

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