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Annie Kile is currently living in California, working as an Owner in "Bootstrap Business Development" and is interested in Presentations.
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Bootstrap Business Development helps your business or organization grow by delivering services you do not have the time, staff, or financial resources to hire high-end industry experts and consultants to perform.
Bootstrap Business Development\'s services and tools help you solve your problems and increase your profits - at Bootstrap pricing.
There are plenty of business consultants offering excellent and expert service - what makes Bootstrap Business Development different is a wide range of services offered at pricing your business can easily accommodate.
Bootstrap Business Development offers basic business development services you can\'t afford to do without.
Start up, sole proprietor, home-based, or non-profit, being able to address and resolve issues as well as develop, manage, and administrate basic strategic, action, business, marketing, operational plans, along with website design and content at affordable rates is a priceless, yet measurable, benefit to your bottom line.

Bootstrap Business Development provides solutions to your two biggest problems: Time Poverty and Lack of Resources

BBD provides a way out of the Catch 22 \"Can\'t afford not to - but can\'t afford to\". Our services lay the foundation by providing basic strategic business development services and deliverables that prepare you to take your business or organization to the next level - and we do this at a price point that matches your current resources

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Annie Kile
Name: Annie Kile
Location: California,United States
Job Title: Owner
Company: Bootstrap Business Development

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